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DOOM & MADLIB: 12 October HMV Forum, London (2012)

Who is that masked man? It’s DOOM you prick, everyone knows that…DOOM (I’m not shouting, he likes it all caps apparently)…you know – the artist formerly known as MF Doom a.k.a. Zev Love X, King Geedorah, Viktor Vaughn (among various nom-de-plumes) or Daniel Dumile to his mum. Anyway the former KMD rapper, sometime collaborator with Madlib and Dangermouse and

RAEKWON: London, HMV Forum, 18 March 2010 EPK + Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang LP update

Yeah, that’s right – the chef will be cooking up some Tang-y (see what I did there?) delights for your aural consumption in the UK in March. I guess you could look at it as kind of like a live course between his last serving Only Built For Cuban Linx Part II and the forthcoming Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang. Yes, you did read that correctly – Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang will appear on the public’s table in only two months time and feature

EPMD: UK show – February 2011 – London, HMV Forum

Is it possible to pack in some feeble EPMD-referencing wordplay whilst commenting on this rare rampage in the big smoke at London’s HMV Forum on 19 February next year? Actually, I might already have started. One suspects Errick and Parrish may not be making as many dollars as they’d currently like given that the last time they gigged in London was ten years ago. Not that I’m suggesting they’re gold diggers or anything – I would imagine things’ll be business as usual for the boys and that they’ll let the funk flow.