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VARIOUS:  Bless Up EPRoasting those beats over an open fire is what’s happening on Cuttin’ It Fine Records latest booty edits package The Bless Up EP featuring the cheeky work of Pecoe, Hipsta, Mr Fitz, Frankie More and Gramophone Soul and spanning the genres of funk, hip-hop, dnb, glitch and disco. Thus we find that trouble-man Frankee More glitching around with Jungle’s Happy Man, Mr Fitz

HIPSTA: Re-Hop EP (2016)

re-hop-ep-hipstaRating: ★★★★★ “What up my Hipsta?”
“Got this new EP out.”
“Oh word? What’s the 411?”
“Oh you know – man give The Pharcyde, Imagine This and MC Lyte a bumpin’ ghetto funk makeover.”
“What you might call a re-hop, then?”

THE KURNEL MC: The Wanderer (2016)

The Wanderer EP Kurnel MCThey call him the wanderer, they call him the wanderer, he likes to roam around, around, around. He certainly does since the UK is pretty much as far from Aotearoa as a body can get. Who am I talking about? The Kurnel MC of course, though surely the central issue is – does the Kiwi emcee rhyme like a nut? All the signs (not to mention sounds) are good on The Wanderer EP

HIPSTA: Step To The Rhythm (2014)

Step To The Rhythm Hipsta“Do you wear skinny jeans rolled up with no socks? Do you wear a plaid shirt and braces? Do you wear your hair long and greased back on top but shaved at the sides? With old school biker tattoos and a beard like Edward fucking Lear? Looking like some art school cock’s idea of a 1940s biker? Probably with a beer belly? Rocking a style that has been in for so long even a child can tell