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VARIOUS: We Are Friends (2014) Free download

Various We Are FriendsNow I know pan-European co-operation is not exactly de rigeur this year what with recent events on the eastern side of the continent (not to mention the persistence of piss-weak ‘What corrupt bankers? It’s immigrants!’ narratives beloved of governments) but a more hopeful model (and message) is provided on We Are Friends, a free twelve track drop of funk, soul, breaks and a dash

VARIOUS: Hiperbole Records ‘Mondo Exotica’ EP1 (2013)

A bunch of Europeans taking on South America? If we were talking football this would be a really shit idea of course. The game here is one of music production however and team Hiperbole is fielding some top players on the Mondo Exotica EP – a latin breaks collection totalling three remixes, an original and an edit. Captaining the squad is Renegades Of Jazz with two quality remixes –

LOOPEZ: Free Remixed (2012)

Jesus I hate December in the UK – waking in the dark, shivering in the shower, chipping ice off the windscreen, shivering like a bastard all day and coming home in the dark. But (people protest) it’s Christmas! Fuck Christmas! I want tropical heat and to be able to lounge around in boardies while sexy mamis mix cocktails. A man can dream. Actually, if he puts on Loopez‘s ‘Free Remixed’ LP

VARIOUS: Hiperbole Records ‘Northern Nocturne’ (2012)

Northern Nocturne finds Renegades Of Jazz‘s David Hanke (a.k.a. Hiperbole Records‘ label boss) putting together a celebration of the night in the shape of a sixteen-strong set of instrumental breakbeat cuts. And whether by design or accident (I suspect the latter) the musical mood trajectory of the tracklist is singular. We start with a sense of early evening promise, gradually venture into

VARIOUS: All Shook Up (2012)…

…or what happened when everyone and their grandmother’s pet puppy begged Renegades Of Jazz for a remix so they could get in on a bit of his b-boy breakin’ ‘northern jazz’ action. Well you would wouldn’t you? Can you imagine getting remixed by ‘conformists of jazz.’ Jesus – that’d be my worst nightmare. Well…that and being the victim of sadistic torture or something. Luckily for