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BRONX SLANG: Ladies & Gentlemen

That Bronx Slang LP has been a minute coming hasn’t it? And – er – it’s still not out. Close though. But if Ladies & Gentlemen isn’t the long-awaited full-length effort from Bronx emcees Jerry Beeks and Shootyz Groove’s Ollie Miggs, it does at least follow Well Well Well and Run Away Suckas to become the third single off it. So – while you await the album’s early March release why not sit back

TRDMRK: Hands Up (Vinyl 7″) + video

TRDMRK:  Hands Up + videoRating: ★★★★★ Anyone for a quick Q&A? Hands up who used to dj and produce for Jurassic 5 aside from Cut Chemist? Well done, yes, it was DJ Nu-Mark. Now, hands up who can name the person missing from this list of original Pharcyde members: Fatlip, Booty Brown and Imani. That’s right – Slimkid3. And a slightly harder one – hands up if you know the name of that guy who got the


DJ MOYA: II305Long-time MB readers will know that while the greater proportion of what gets featured on the site is aimed squarely at the dancefloor, occasionally something a little more chin-stroky makes it past MB’s strict door policy. That of which we speak goes by many names of course – instrumental hip-hop, downtempo breaks, trip-hop and (if you’re James

DJ KRASH SLAUGHTA: A Little Funk (In Your House) b/w SPECIFIK: Back To Business (Vinyl 7″)

DJ KRASH SLAUGHTA: A Little Funk (In Your House) b/w SPECIFIK:  Back To Business (Vinyl 7What better way for B-Line Recordings’ new vinyl 45 imprint, 7 Series Phonograph Co., to introduce itself than with two super-funky b-boy bangers courtesy of Glasgow’s DJ Krash Slaughta (previously A.W.O.L. since his Bobby Deans find and remix in 2016) and Bournemouth’s Specifik. Krash brings us A Little Funk (In Your House) which turns on a funky drums and conga break


THE MIGHTY HEARD:  Still HighIn the second herbally-themed post this weekend at MB, comes news of the next release on Growroom Productions – single Still High from The Mighty Heard. Originally the brainchild of Honest Lee and Terry T, this Hyattsville outfit rapidly enlisted other musicians to become a ‘space-funk…intergalactic soul band’ subsequently joined by rapper Abudullah ‘Dullah D’ Thompson. Despite

YUGEN BLAKROK: Anima Mysterium

YUGEN BLAKROK:  Anima MysteriumEnjoying a well-deserved higher profile of late due to that guest slot on Vince Staples’ Black Panther OST track, is experienced emcee Yugen Blakrok whose new long-player Anima Mysterium – the follow-up to 2013’s well-received Return Of The Astro-Goth drops tomorrow. Hailing from South Africa, Blakrok cultivates a shamanic presence (as those LP titles suggest), with intricate

WAXNERDS: Harder Than Jezahel/ Mob Fire (Vinyl 7″)

WAXNERDS:  Harder Than Jezahel/ Mob Fire (Vinyl 7Deconstructing and rebuilding hip-hop tracks based on samples with extra use of the samples but also using the rapapellas and the sample source vocals? It’s what Waxnerds do. Don’t call it an edit! On their latest 45 to hit the streets – it’s all about the mighty P.E.’s Harder Than You Think‘s collision with the equally mighty Shirley Bassey’s Jezahel on Harder Than Jezahel. Well, I

CANNON & MIRRORBALL: At The Disco/ Discobunny Megamix (Vinyl 7″)

CANNON & MIRRORBALL:  At The Disco/ Discobunny Megamix (Vinyl 7Rating: ★★★★★ CANNON: Hey Bobby! Bobby! Where has he got to? Oh there you are – I see the Disco Bits label are getting stuck in for the new year with mysterious production outfit Cannon & Mirrorball who have just done a new disco biscuit 45 for them called At The Disco b/w the Discobunny Megamix!

BRONX SLANG: Run Away Sucker

BRONX SLANG:  Run Away SuckerRating: ★★★★★ Shhh! What’s that sound? Rolling boom-bap drums? Cavernous funk bass? Muted squalls of taut guitar lurking in the background and a tag team of veteran MCs on the mic? Prepare yourself for more gritty NY boom-bap as Bronx Slang follow Well Well Well with next single Run Away Sucker both of which are taken from

MONKEYBOXING.COM – Top 10 Albums 2018

Based on a highly complex algorithm derived from how often shit gets played on the MB sound system, this chart details the monkey’s biggest albums of 2018!
(See Monkeyboxing.com – Top 10 Tracks – 2018 HERE)

1. Reggae Workers Of The World – RWW II

It’s the double whammy! RWW get the LP and track top slots with their mix of rocksteady, soul and sixties rnb!