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DJ YODA: Home Cooking

Looks like the fourth is strong (thank you, I’m here all week!) in Dj Yoda’s latest LP, Home Cooking which, if you don’t count his self-released Piano Breaks ’98 cassette job, is his…er…fourth solo studio long-player. Well, I say ‘solo’ but Home Cooking (or ‘Homecooking’ depending on your source) actually features a host of guest

PAN AMSTERDAM: All Kindsa Don’t

PAN AMSTERDAM: All Kindsa Don'tNot had enough whimsy in your life lately? Allow Pan Amsterdam into your life once more then and let his mellifluous tones to float into your earholes atop those trademark jazz trumpet and woozy synth-laced beats. Floating in from the farthest reaches of hip-hop where things get all mixed up with spoken word and jazz, Pan Am is busy making all his usual “nonsensical sense” on All

BOUKLAS: ‘The Groove Chronicles’ LP announced

BOUKLAS: 'The Groove Chronicles' LP announcedVeteran Greek producer/ MC Bouklas releases his second long player The Groove Chronicles on May 15th and early indications are that it will be very promising indeed. The LP is heavily based around vintage funk and soul samples, chopped and flipped by Bouklas into boom-bap shapes and then teamed with an international cast of emcees, vocalists and djs including U-God’s son INteLL and

ALDO VANUCCI: Digging For A Living

ALDO VANUCCI: Digging For A LivingRating: ★★★★★ As with its predecessor, Aldo Vanucci’s second long-player, Digging For A Living, goes by a title that references its debt to samples while its mix of soul, funk and hip-hop-flavoured party breaks continues precisely where Straight Lift left off, as if a mere twelve years hadn’t elapsed between release dates. It is called Digging… not Releasing… though and I think we

ALDO VANUCCI feat. QnC: Spell It Out (audio premiere)

ALDO VANUCCI feat. QnC: Spell It Out (audio premiere)The release of the second album from Plymouth’s 14th best DJ, Mr Aldo Vanucci, is imminent – so when the chance came to premiere a track off it, naturally the monkey snapped it up. Which track to pick though, for the album is packed with dancefloor heat?  It could have been a tricky but there are three classical ways to see off the horns of a dilemma – choose one horn, choose the other


DJ YODA feat. EDO G & NUBYA GARCIA: Roxbury So it is that DJ Yoda ends a four year break from studio releases with the arrival of new single Roxbury featuring Boston mic veteran Edo G and up and coming jazz saxophonist Nubya Garcia.  And it’s so good I might have to forgive him for the time he tried to ‘house’ me at the Bristol Lakota. From the off, the beat radiates a summery warmth nodding to both ’89 era Native Tongues

HIP CUT: Hip Society

HIP CUT: Hip Society That ol’ early Shadow/ Krush sonic template continues to stand the test of time and while it might not have been flavour of the month for – oohh – at least twenty years, you can rely on there always being a few LPs a year worth a listen. Indeed, Hip Cut’s Hip Society is the second in two months, the other being DJ Moya’s II305 – and what are the chances (?) – Moya himself turns up on one of the

THE ALLERGIES: Commanding 45s Mixtape – Free download

THE ALLERGIES: Commanding 45s MixtapeI don’t know, though I have been told, an Allergies mix is…
UNBELIEVABLE! Get on that dancefloor and throw some shapes private or I’ll stick my boot so far up your ass the sweat from my knee will save you going to the bar!
Ulp, blimey its Commanding 45s, the new mixtape idea The Allergies’ thought of while driving to a gig


PIMPERNEL JONES: RPM 2019They seek him here, they seek him there but if they’d been looking for him in February, the only place they’d have found Pimpernel Jones would have been locked away in his studio as he raced against time to create an album inside a month for the 2019 RPM challenge. Did he make it? Of course he did – and the result is a seventeen-track LP of grooving head-nod beats created on MPC but

CHROME: Dopamine Hit (I Need A Hit SMOOVE remix) b/w To The Big Apple (Vinyl 7″)

CHROME:  Dopamine Hit (I Need A Hit SMOOVE remix) b/w To The Big Apple (Vinyl 7In more ‘title track as single’ news on MB today, it turns out Smoove’s remix of Chrome’s Dopamine Hit is shortly to get a vinyl 7″ release. UK rap veteran Chrome made his name as part of East Anglian hip-hop outfit Def Tex of course and Dopamine Hit is the title track of his recent solo LP on which he frankly admits to needing – well – a hit. Not a hit from the bong you understand, nor