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THE ALLERGIES: Commanding 45s Mixtape – Free download

THE ALLERGIES: Commanding 45s MixtapeI don’t know, though I have been told, an Allergies mix is…
UNBELIEVABLE! Get on that dancefloor and throw some shapes private or I’ll stick my boot so far up your ass the sweat from my knee will save you going to the bar!
Ulp, blimey its Commanding 45s, the new mixtape idea The Allergies’ thought of while driving to a gig


PIMPERNEL JONES: RPM 2019They seek him here, they seek him there but if they’d been looking for him in February, the only place they’d have found Pimpernel Jones would have been locked away in his studio as he raced against time to create an album inside a month for the 2019 RPM challenge. Did he make it? Of course he did – and the result is a seventeen-track LP of grooving head-nod beats created on MPC but

CHROME: Dopamine Hit (I Need A Hit SMOOVE remix) b/w To The Big Apple (Vinyl 7″)

CHROME:  Dopamine Hit (I Need A Hit SMOOVE remix) b/w To The Big Apple (Vinyl 7In more ‘title track as single’ news on MB today, it turns out Smoove’s remix of Chrome’s Dopamine Hit is shortly to get a vinyl 7″ release. UK rap veteran Chrome made his name as part of East Anglian hip-hop outfit Def Tex of course and Dopamine Hit is the title track of his recent solo LP on which he frankly admits to needing – well – a hit. Not a hit from the bong you understand, nor

FOLD feat. POTENT WHISPER: We’re The Ones (single)

FOLD feat. POTENT WHISPER:  We're The Ones (single)Title track of the forthcoming Fold LP, single We’re The Ones features emcee and spoken word commando Potent Whisper on the mic and the band reckon it’s got the broadest appeal of anything they’ve done so far. Cue, stuttery funk drumming, soulful horns and bass, scratching, vintage vocal samples and of course a positive, uplifting vocal message throughout from Mr Whisper himself. “If you feel like us shout ‘We’re

PAN AMSTERDAM X IGGY POP: Mobile/ 15 Seconds

PAN AMSTERDAM X IGGY POP:  Mobile/ 15 SecondsStand by for far-out as left-field rap act Pan Amsterdam hook up with ‘godfather of punk’ and Radio 6 tastemaker Iggy Pop for new single Mobile. Turns out all parties involved met-up to record Mobile in Texas – currently headquarters of ExxonMobil. Is there a link? Are Pan Am and Iggy standing up to the planet-killing might of the petrochemical industry? Perhaps the track will


BRONX SLANG:  Bronx SlangRating: ★★★★★ Hurrah! It’s finally time to get fully attuned to that ‘ol boogie down Bronx argot with the long-awaited, self-titled debut LP from Bronx Slang. The album, on the Fabyl label, follows a trio of dope singles characterised by classic hip-hop word-play between Jerry Beeks (previously known for solo work on Bad Magic, the label owned by The Wiseguys’ Theo Keating, back in the

DE LA SOUL: What’s More (RHYTHM SCHOLAR One Of These Eyes Remix) – Free download

DE LA SOUL:  What's More (RHYTHM SCHOLAR One Of These Eyes Remix) - Free downloadIt’s been how long since De La Soul’s 3 Feet High And Rising came out? Turns out someone else they made an impression on all those years ago, besides the monkey, is remix junkie Rhythm Scholar who takes the road less travelled with this edit by plucking ‘blink and you miss it’ non-album cut What’s More from B-side obscurity. Not only that but he liberates the lyrics from the constraints

MADISON WASHINGTON feat. THE ABOLITIONISTS: Plantation Earth/ Divine Frankensteins

MADISON WASHINGTON feat. THE ABOLITIONISTS:  Plantation Earth b/w It’s posse cut time as Paris/ Brooklyn/ Oakland trio The Abolitionists join Madison Washington’s Malik Ameer to lay it down on the mic for Plantation Earth. And what better way to lyrically explore the idea that the entire planet is no better than a giant version of an ante-bellum cotton plantation than over funky drum breaks drenched in jazzy


THE ALLERGIES:  Keep It Moving EPYou’re going the distance, going for speed, carefully clambering up the greasy pole of the music business but what to do in the lull between albums? Why – keep things moving of course! And so it is that Bristol’s funky sons The Allergies drop new four track EP Keep It Moving. The title track, naturally, is the Skunkadelic-featuring number


LORDS OF THE UNDERGROUND feat. REDMAN:  What I'm After (TOY BEATS REMIX) Free downloadRating: ★★★★★ It’s been a while since MB has done a free download, hasn’t it? I know what you’re thinking though – you’re thinking ‘What am I after?’ And the answer my friends is is ‘a funked-up chunk of old school hip-hop.’ Luckily for you Toy Beats has been busy with Lords Of The Underground’s Redman-featuring What I’m After from ’94 album Keepers of The Funk. Happily TB is