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BOOTY FRUIT: Cherry Bombs Vol. 1 (2013)

The latest installment of fruity booty from the Booty Fruit crew is the first in their new series (Cherry Bombs Vol. 1) which sees them lobbing four mashed-up hip-hop bangarangers right atcha. Far be it from them to launch the newness without recruiting the heavyweights though and so it is that Breakbeat Paradise label owner Badboe signs up for booty duty along with the UK’s Roast

BOOTY FRUIT: Proper Produce Vol. 2 (2012) + The Allergies ‘Remember’ video

Did you know Little Richard once sang about ‘good booty’ in the original lyrics to Tutti Frutti? No? Well anyway – here’s some more. Good booty that is – and it’s out today. Booty Fruit label men El Bomba & Hidden Riddim fiddle with Blues Project sample action on Fluteski while The Allergies (aka filth-hound DJ Moneyshot and his homie Rackabeat) re-feel Blueboy’s Remember Me and lob in a few

VARIOUS: Cloud Watching (Riddim Fruit) (2012) – Free download

Known for its adventures in the realm of bass music, the Riddim Fruit label crosses the threshold of the chill-out room with Cloud Watching – as if you’d expect anything else from a cover depicting a bloke stood on a hill staring at a paisley-ish sky or a hippy title like that, anyway. If this leads you feeling like we’ve entered nineties downtempo breaks territory you’d be right. And

ITCHY & SKRATCHY DJs vs HIDDEN RIDDIM: A Ruff Guide To Bass Hop 2012 (2012) – Free download

It’s all about the rumble. Canadians Itchy & Skratchy and the UK’s Hidden Riddim crew go up against each other on this juddering, throbbing beast of a mixtape with hip-hop, glitch-hop and bass-wobbling numbers all blended seamlessly for your delectation. Loads of Riddim Fruit exclusives turn up that’ll have you head-nodding, dancing and smoking the kush (or all three) by turns. Download