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BOOTY FRUIT presents: Homemade Bullets Volume 5

No misfires on this one as Booty Fruit end their Homemade Bullets series with four tracks aimed squarely at getting you shaking your moneymaker. Label heads El Bomba & Hidden Riddim get things rolling by disco trippin with Miss Disco Flex and later Livingstone & Canosis give Chali 2Na’s Comin’ Thru a ghetto funk makeover. Father Funk wraps up this particular gunfight with a

EL BOMBA & HIDDEN RIDDIM vs. NAS: ‘Half Time’ re-boot (2011) Free download

Ghetto funk fruity for your booty here from El Bomba and Hidden Riddem as they re-version the Large Pro-produced classic from Nas’s Illmatic. Essentially it’s a faster and heavier version of the original but with a bridge formed out of a couple of bars of the original at the original tempo in the middle. In other words it’s fast for a bit, then slow for a bit, then fast for a bit. Man, that’s like sex or something

JOHNNYPLUSE feat. Youth Mass: Drinkin In The Sun (2011) + video

Drinking in the sun! It always seems like such a good idea doesn’t it? There you are with your workmates by a river or something, supping a cold pint, full of bonhomie…and then it all goes blurry. You ‘come to’ sunfried, dehydrated, slumped on cardboard boxes in a piss-stinking shop doorway with a half a kebab down your front wondering when it got dark and where everyone is. Johnnypluse seems to have captured the euphoric