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HEYMOONSHAKER: UK Tour + ‘Colly Drop’ video (2013)

Something a little bit different here – MB readers may remember news of Heymoonshaker‘s Shakerism EP back in the spring accompanied by a quite staggering video of the boys – in particular beatboxer Dave Crowe grandstanding (as well he might) – live in public on Brick Lane. Anyway, there’s another video out for the closing track on the EP – Colly Drop. Now, if you’re a blues guitarist

HEYMOONSHAKER: Shakerism (2013)

I don’t know. The pair of you head down to the crossroads to sell your soul to the devil and in return he gives one of you guitar skills and a raspy blues voice and makes the other one a highly proficient beatboxer. A beatboxer?!!
“Hey Lucifer!”
Heymoonshaker – what’s good?”
“We’re supposed to be bluesmen – what’s all this