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FRAMEWORKS feat. QnC: Back To The Music b/w Classic (RENEGADES OF JAZZ remix) (2015)

Classic Frameworks QnC Renegades Of JazzRating: ★★★★★ The second of two upcoming Hero Records collaborations with Long Island legends Q Ball & Curt Cazal (and in fact the first to be released) is this which finds Manchester producer Frameworks renewing his acquaintance with the former J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E. rappers. Back To The Music is a woozy Aim-ish beat backed with a sweet Renegades Of Jazz remix of classic banger – er –

WEEKEND SUN: Forever Tomorrow (2014)

Forever Tomorrow Weekend SunThe UK’s northeast is a particularly bright solar system in the ‘nu-funk’ galaxy these days largely as a consequence of the well-deserved successes of shining stars Smoove & Turrell. However, it’s also home to King Bee whose self-titled debut long player recently cast its few rays across the funk-iverse as well as Weekend Sun (presumably named for the fantastic Teeside climate) whose

WEEKEND SUN: Feeling Inside (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ Weekend Sun? Chance would be a fine thing. How about externalizing that feeling inside though which, in Weekend Sun‘s case, manifests as the kind of hypnotic disco groove which you might be forgiven for expecting a young Donna Summer to grace. It’s one Beth Miller who turns up on this though but she’s a lady who rises to the occasion and proves more than equal to

MASH & MUNKEE: We Like It Like That (2012)

Mash & Munkee finally make good on the promise of those Hero Records and Funk Weapons singles with their twelve track debut LP We Like It Like That. But what exactly is ‘that’ you ask? Judging by the content it’s hundred per cent proof by volume b-boy instrumentals. Expect lots of jazz and blaxploitation-influenced grooves that sound like they’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time in

MASH & MUNKEE: Superbad 7″ (2011)

With a name like that it was never going to be acoustic folk was it? Mind you with a name like that they’d better have captured the spirit of James Brown lest they forever be regarded as supershit. Fear not then, for German b-boy breaks merchants Mash & Munkee continue to ensure that nothing but quality leaves the funk factory as A-side Superbad bursts out of the speakers in time-honoured-chase-theme-horns-and-wah-wah fashion

HERO No. 7/ GUMBO YA YA: Balacava Man (Hero No. 7 remix)/ Black Mountain (Gumbo Ya Ya remix) – (2011)

Hero Records mailed me the details of this three weeks ago with profuse apologies about the fact that they meant to send it to me a month previously (i.e. when the release actually came out) but didn’t because there was a bit of a fail on the promotional side of things. Full of swift posting intentions I then inadvertently returned the favour by forgetting this was in my inbox for the aforementioned three weeks like a colossal bumblefuck