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REMIX! MAKO & THE HAWK vs. BEASTIE BOYS: Too Many Rappers ( ‘Not Enough Funk’ Mix) – 2009 – Free download

(PRESS RELEASE) When Mako & The Hawk heard the lyrics to current Beastie Boys single Too Many Rappers it occurred to them that, these days, lack of funk was a problem at least as important as a surfeit of rappers. Cue a trawl through the crates. A flurry of cutting and pasting ensued which saw the pair emerge triumphant from the studio with several paper snowflakes, an offensive collage made entirely from pages of Heat Magazine and the Beasties on a fat new beat. Incredible as it may seem, both the rapper and funk issues had been solved in one! Check the remix below:

…don’t forget to cop these too…
Listen/ download – MAKO & THE HAWK – Spacing Rasco 320 kbps
Listen/ download – MAKO & THE HAWK – Ain’t No Other Big Boss Man 320 kbps
Listen/ download – MAKO & THE HAWK – Shut Up & Give It Up 320 kbps
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1. (-) Freestyle Professors – Luv U
It’s that ‘Bronx grimy sound’ y’all. Massive.

2. (-) Mako & The Hawk – Ain’t No Other Big Boss Man
Genius funk/ RnB mash-up.

3. (-) The Hangmen – Boogie Now
Philipino funk. No, really. Don’t knock till you’ve tried. (Hit Soul Jugglers sample – listen link is wrong at source))

4. (1) The Hawk – Electric Boogaloo
Crazy bongo breaks and electro flourishes? Pumas on and mat out!

5. (3) Recordkingz (feat. The Beatnuts) – Rock Ya Shoulders
News Orleans funk sampling banger.

6. (4) Black Pepper – You Keep Running Out Of Gas
Re-issue of sweet, funky, 60s sister-soul classic.
ListenRead Review…

7. (2) Rup – Make Moves
The wordsmith returns on this funky robotic bounce.

8. (-) Dr Crobe – Money Grows
Northern sou- er – I mean hip-hop, with added squelchy wah-wah.

9. (-) Wolfmother – Back Round
Hairy snarling rock beast. Obviously.

10. (-) The Killer Meters – Freak
More Betty Davis style funk-rock from upcoming LP.