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VARIOUS: The Odyssey – A Northern Soul Time-Capsule (2015)

Odyssey Northern Soul Time CapsuleFor a certain generation at least, the phrase ‘time capsule’ conjures images of Blue Peter presenters in wellies burying a box filled with a Rubik’s cube, a copy of Adrian Mole and a Rick Astley cd so that future generations can learn that mainstream entertainment in the eighties wasn’t quite as piss-poor as it is now. With the exception of Rick Astley obviously. The Odyssey – A Northern Soul Time-Capsule however, aims to capture the essence of

HOLLAND DOZIER HOLLAND: Rare 45s Box Set (2014)

Rare 45s Box Set Holland Dozier HollandBringing super rare Holland-Dozier-Holland tracks out on seven inch? It’s all so obvious isn’t it? Apparently not immediately – if you’re in charge of release format decisions at Harmless Records. The story goes something like this: about this time last year, UMC released a Motown 7s box set of rare and unreleased (not to mention top quality) vinyl from big names including the likes of Marvin Gaye