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HARDLY SUBTLE: ‘Dub Of The Bay/ Stop Me Like This’ 7″/ Burning Starlight free download (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ Hello – it’s the Hardly Subtle crew of Aldo Vanucci and Dave Remix coming up trumps again with three flavours of effortless reggae fyah. Two of these are available in seven inch format: Otis’s Dock Of The Bay flipped vintage reggae style as Dub Of The Bay and Stop Me Like This. There’s no need to stop me if you think you’ve heard that second one before by the way – you almost

MAC MILLER: Party On 5th Avenue (Hardly Subtle Education Mix) + (Hardly Subtle Classic Mix)) (2012) Free download

Rating: ★★★★★
In a bizarre twist Plymouthian/ Bristolian production duo Hardly Subtle (Aldo Vanucci and Dave Remix) take on the role of the nation’s musical educators as they deliver a ‘lesson’ based on one of the most famous samples ever with their Mac Miller Party On 5th Avenue (Hardly Subtle ‘Education Mix’). In an even more bizarre twist this means that I find myself in the role of Ofsted