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BOCA 45: Powerful (feat. HANNAH WILLIAMS)/ Sparky Evans (2020 Donuts # 1)(Vinyl 7″)

BOCA 45: Powerful (feat. HANNAH WILLIAMS)/ Sparky (Vinyl 7Who’s this hard-charging straight into February with his Powerful/ Sparky Evans 45 – the first in a strictly limited series called 2020 Donuts? It’s Boca 45 of course, championing the vinyl 7″ as ever with one track that sounds like it was named after a soul sister and one that features one. The latter, Powerful, is the A-side and finds the Jay-Z-sampled Hannah Williams give it large about corrupt leaders over a conga-tastic beat that veers

WOXOW: Alcazar (LP) + Chaos (vinyl 7″)

WOXOW:  Alcazar (LP) + Chaos (vinyl 7Back in May, MB featured single, Up, by Italian producer Woxow and featuring Danish MC Blacc El, which despite its firmly European origins managed to channel a decidedly golden-era hip-hop vibe. Now comes the release of Woxow’s debut album Alcazar which, besides Up, boasts appearances from Ken Boothe, J5’s Akil, Blurum 13 (all on the same track!), Pugz Atomz, Hannah Williams, Cyril

HANNAH WILLIAMS & THE AFFIRMATIONS: Late Nights & Heartbreak (video)(2017)

HANNAH WILLIAMS & THE AFFIRMATIONS:  Late Nights & Heartbreak (video)Everybody knows by now that the Malcolm Catto-produced title track of the latest LP by underground UK retro-soul talent Hannah Williams got sampled for the title track of Jay-Z’s new album, right? It’s this decade’s Eminem and Dido story! How to represent said track in audio-visual format, though? I suppose the band could employ traditional ideas like good cinematography

HANNAH WILLIAMS & THE AFFIRMATIONS: Late Nights & Heartbreak (2016)

late-nights-heartbreak-hannah-williams-the-affirmationsRating: ★★★★★ Earlier this year, Hannah Williams arose like a phoenix from the ashes of previous funk-soul outfit Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers and made a grand re-entrance to the world of funk and soul with brand new band, Hannah Williams & The Affirmations, and glorious single Tame In The Water to boot. This was followed just last week with an epic psych-funk


dazed-confused-hannah-williams-affirmationsRating: ★★★★★ Travellers down the Led Zeppelin covers highway, are strongly advised to look out for dodgy reggae tracks with even more dodgy names (D’Yer Maker) and any lyrical references to The Lord of the Rings strewn in their path. Given the frequency of the latter, that does make for a dangerous journey. It’s enough to make you arrive at your destination dazed and confused in fact

HANNAH WILLIAMS & THE TASTEMAKERS: Tell Me Something (Liberties) (2013)

The latest from Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers is smouldering torch song Tell Me Something (Liberties), whereon our Hannah bemoans the insensitive male who takes her for granted. “You continue/ taking liberties” she sings with soulful ire, I do most everything, every day, every night…In the hopes that one day you’re gonna/ Do me right/ But you do absolutely nothing/ In retur…” – sorry love can you keep it down a


It’s Italian label Record Kicks tenth anniversary this year and one of the ways they’re celebrating is this limited 45 on which the A-side is a cover of Barbara Lynn’s I’m A Good Woman. Now, it’s always a risky business covering a genuine soul sister classic because back in the day, most of the best got their training early (as in when they were kids) in gospel choirs (Aretha, Candi and Marva to


Rating: ★★★★★
If getting mainstream recognition in a genre that was last cutting edge forty-odd years ago is climbing ‘a hill of feathers’ then I reckon relative newbies on the global funk and soul scene, Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers (featuring one Jimi Needles as drummer), are making excellent time to the summit. Why?

HANNAH WILLIAMS & THE TASTEMAKERS: I’ve Been Waiting/ Don’t Tell Me/ Deep Fried Funk – 2011

That’s a bit more like it. New Record Kicks signings, Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers, strut onto the retro funk scene appropriately enough with a seven inch and manage to squeeze on three tracks. I’ve Been Waiting has the soul vibe of Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings more recent output, the other two are somewhat more lively and all three showcase William’s raw-edged vox. Don’t Tell Me has the edge for its sophisticated JB’s-style groove