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GROUP MODULAR: Per Aspera Ad Astra (Vinyl 7″)

GROUP MODULAR: Per Aspera/ Ad Astra If you like your psych-funk to be retro-futurist, not to mention chunky, you’d better believe Group Modular have got you covered. Why?  Because Markey Funk and Mule Driver’s outfit is back and damn if new 45 Per Aspera b/w Ad Astra isn’t a double beast. A-side Per Aspera opens with a hefty drum break emerging from ominous synth reverberations. As the track continues, additional percussion and


GROUP MODULAR: Time MastersRating: ★★★★★ It might have been eight years since debut album The Mystery Of Mordy Laye but Group Modular are finally back with another album-length configuration of sci-fi, psych-funk adventures in the shape of Time Masters. I say ‘finally back’ – there’s a good chance that with the creative juices flowing the band had become utterly oblivious to quaint linear notions of time

GROUP MODULAR: Black Ray b/w Acid Wheels (Vinyl 7″)

GROUP MODULAR:  Black Ray b/w Acid Wheels (Vinyl 7If your life has been missing out on menacingly heavy paranoid psych-funk since the last MNP single on Markey Funk’s Delights label then you’re in luck. For Markey Funk (who else?) and Mule Driver are about to sort you right out with their new Group Modular 7″ – Black Ray b/w Acid Wheels. It’s the kind of release that sets the record straight if you think library music is for