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NIGHT OWLS: Groovin’ (Vinyl 7″)

NIGHT OWLS:  Groovin'No sleep for L.A.-based, retro-reggae supergroup Night Owls who are back already following August’s Gossip single with new 45 Groovin’. As is their wont, the band have flipped an old soul classic – in this case, Groovin’ (though the Wu-Tang-sampled Willie Mitchell version rather than The Young Rascals’ original) into something rather more early reggae in style. Jungle Fire’s Jamie

BONE 40: Groovin’ EP (2016) Free download

groovin-bone-40Is it time for a bit of downtempo breaks? I think it is – it’s been a while – so here’s Dutch producer Bone 40 with his six-track Groovin’ EP on which he aims to combine the live jazzy and soul vibes of everyone from Booker T, Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis on the one hand with Madlib and Dangermouse