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GRINNY GRANDAD: The Car-Bootleg EP (2013) Free download

The Car Bootleg EP sees Grinny Grandad finally follow up 2010’s excellent Good Girl single. Opener Monty finds the location where Led Zeppelin meets the party breaks massive and sets the tone by employing an instantly recognisable filmic fanfare. And I don’t mean Camelot which, after all is a silly place. Swim Fish is up next and abstains from guitar heroics in favour of the sort of crazy ass

EWAN HOOZAMI: Free mashup madness! – Greg Nice vs. Bob Marley/ Nick Fonkyson vs. Alice Russell/ Parov Stelar vs. Cee Lo Green/ Grinny Grandad vs. A Skillz vs. Public Enemy

Bristol beatmonger Hoozami, gets in on the end of year/ start of new year free download craziness with some of his own. That’s right – not ‘one’ – ‘some.’ Clearly not a man to be outdone, the rising producer (whose debut breaks and beat-fest LP Wildebeats recently dropped on Pig Balls Records`) here conjures up no less than four mashups as he fiendishly engages in splicing experiments with the efforts of the good and the great

GRINNY GRANDAD: Good Girl (A Skillz remix) 7” – 2010 – Single review

Rating: ★★★★★

In which A Skillz transforms the somewhat innocent original into a rather more naughty slice of brassy, beat-heavy funk, mainly by speeding it up by 10 bpm or so and adding a bigger drums. Neither factor detracts from singer Kymberley Kennedy’s Aguilera-esque vocal and both render the track guaranteed dancefloor artillery. The fact that this remix is accompanied by a video featuring a fat bloke whose bitch tits wobble while he does an uprock (see below) coupled with the fact that they got A Skillz to actually do a remix in the first place makes it clear that here is a band who possess canny twenty-first century marketing skills. You would expect little else from an outfit who have apparently been featured on the GTA soundtrack. I wouldn’t know about that as I abhor violence and computer games. Muthafucker.

Listen to Grinny Grandad – Good Girl (A Skillz remix)

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