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DJ SHEPDOG: Greatest Licks Vol. 4 (2016)

Greatest Licks Vol 4 DJ ShepdogSome dogs bury choice bones in gardens and then forget where they’ve buried their stash. DJ Shepdog on the other hand loses prime reggae-hip-hop mashups on his hard drive and then forgets he even had them in the first place. Until he rediscovers them of course and realises – hey – these need releasing – the public’s tongues are lolling out for want of quality booty

DJ SHEPDOG: Greatest Licks Vol. 2 (2014)

Greatest Licks Vol. 2 DJ ShepdogRating: ★★★★★ Talk about triple trouble y’all! First Jimi Needles’ Reggae Rewinds four tracker, then JStar’s Most Wanted reggae mash-ups Vol. 2 and now – DJ Shepdog has only gone and released his Greatest Licks Vol. 2 as well! Reggae KRS-1, reggae Janelle Monae? Reggae MOP? Cutty Ranks on an MOP beat, Adele on the Bam Bam riddim? It’s like all your reggae Christmases have come at