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Shaka Loves You have left it a full year to follow up their first disco drop on the Goodgroove label – presumably because it’s been a non-stop coke-snorting, sex in the toilets, mirrorball hustle during the past twelve months. That notwithstanding, the new four-tracker, with an almost identical title to the first, Goodgroove presents: Shaka Loves You once again ensures any night is ladies night from

GOODGROOVE Disco featuring: SHAKA LOVES YOU (2016)

Shaka Loves You Goodgroove DiscoEnsure positive vibes this Valentine’s Day by making sure your old lady gets an earful of Shaka Loves You‘s forthcoming offering in the Goodgroove Disco series. The Glasgow-based outfit create mirrorball mayhem with a varied four-tracker which kicks off with the pumping If You Give featuring sax-y licks by Dave Towers. Also present and correct are Make It Last which

GHETTO FUNK: WBBL Elements Preset Pack (2015) + Goodgroove at Field Trip

WBBL Presets Pack Ghetto FunkWhat’s got more wobble than a sixties-era, bikini-clad Barbara Windsor in well-known smutty, chortle-fest Carry On Bouncy Castle? Say hello to the new Ghetto Funk WBBL Elements Preset Pack on which that man WBBL bears all of his presets – well – some fairly impressive ones anyway (including 110 bass sounds, 30 FX sounds, 30 lead sounds and 30 pad sounds) – and throws in two

GOODGROOVE presents: EWAN HOOZAMI (2014) + Field Music mix free download

Goodgroove presents Ewan HoozamiNext up from the Goodgroove gang is this six-tracker (plus two bonus cuts) on which they present the latest work of Bristol-to-Brighton transplant Ewan Hoozami. Not only does our man go back to his nu-funk roots but virtually everything on this is down to him: music, cuts and even vocals in one instance since he sings a hook and raps on Ginger & Lime. Maybe he should

THE ALLERGIES: Calling The Shots EP (2014)

Calling The Shots EP The AllergiesSlim Goodgroove continues the revitalisation of the Goodgroove brand with the diverse and energetic Calling The Shots EP from Bristol’s The Allergies. The EP commences firing with the refunked party breaks of Special People followed by a rapid-fire radio edit (along with a more sustained one) of insistent old school-referencing brit-hop bump React featuring emcee Figure Of Speech and The


If this blog turns out to be as dope as the holding page seems to promise…it’s going to be very dope indeed. Ghettofunk.co.uk looks all set to be a nexus for a genre that’s been burgeoning over the last few years.

GOODGROOVE: Regrooved Series XI

It’s refix time again and while the original versions of the tracks on here might have been around the block a few times that doesn’t prevent the dirty foursome assembled by the Goodgroove label giving them various kinds of ‘extreme makeover.’ Somehow I suspect the inspirational drug of choice during the making of these was MDMA. Except for The Captain who obviously washed downed several family packs of Haribo with a two litre bottle of Coke during the creation of H2H.
(Out now on Goodgroove)
(PRESS RELEASE) The Regrooved series is still doing what it does well, 4 huge and varied tracks from all over the world. The Captian aka Fab Samperi from Italy displays his skills with an uptempo bossa style version of a classic funk track. Slynk teams up with fellow Australian Tom Drummond to create a smooth breakbeat club track, Tom better known for his house production which you can hear coming through in the track. Slynk also has a big solo track on this vinyl, his 80’s styles are shining through in a big way here. Lastly Stickybuds from Canada brings his fat bass and solid beats, this track is a must have for all funky DJ’s that like it beefy.
Listen to Goodgroove: Regrooved Series XI
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GOODGROOVE: Regrooved Series 10

The latest from the Goodgroove label goes large again and by now you should know to expect fat beats drawing influence from across the funky spectrum with nods to house music in the builds and the drops. It does come across as a bit mechanical at times and the Apache break has had more than enough outings in the last year or so but at least they didn’t go all Fatboy Slim like the last drop from rivals Manmade. Philly Blunt takes the laurels.
(PRESS RELEASE) 4 superstar producers all with sure fire club bangers. The Regrooved series delivers a solid 4 track EP that works in all departments on the floor, just it was intended to. Producers from all corners come together to make a storming release. Another must for any funky DJ that knows how to rock the spot.
Regrooved Series 10 – Tracklist:
A1. Hustle Muscle – DJ Wood
A2. Blow – Fuzzbox Inc
B1. Funkanomical Boom – Jroc
B2. Loves California – Philly Blunt
(Released 1 March on Goodgroove)

Listen to Goodgroove: Regrooved Series 10

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GOODGROOVE: Download Podcast Series Volume 3

‘Tis the season to be jolly and Goodgroove are dropping stuff down your cyber-chimney like St Nick on happy pills. Hard on the heels of the recent Artist Series XI: Featurecast EP comes the free Goodgroove Podcast Volume 3 (hosted by Sly Players, with a guest mix by Smoove) mixing up the funk, breaks and hip-hop in a demented aural Christmas pudding – download below (that’ll be via the ‘down’ arrow button on the right-hand side for any soundcloud virgins) – and don’t forget to check out the new Builtbypeople Yeti video soundtracked by The Sly Players:
Goodgroove Records Podcast Vol.3 by GoodgrooveRecords

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FEATURECAST: Goodgroove Artist Series no. 11

If you like danceable breakbeats mashed with old funk or hip-hop vocals and club sensibility it’s a bit of a golden era right now as labels like Wack, Sunsetsoul, Manmade and of course, Goodgroove, along with random individuals like Aldo Vanucci and DJ Shepdog all push each other on a monthly basis. Hot on the heels of the latest drops from Da Wiesel and Vanucci comes this Featurecast effort which hands a chopped-up version of soul standard Too Hard To Handle a break that tugs at the leash, provides us with a frankly nasty 80s vibe on Get It On The Floor, a colossal mambo-breaks hybrid floor-filler in Rock Ya Body and even finds a place for recent Red Hot Pipe And Slippers track Hump-De-Bump on Bump. Ok so Goodgroove drops often seem to have the most house-like sensibilities of all the above named labels and those old enough might have trouble differentiating between this and 90s ‘big beat’ but it’s still a funky breakbeat and until proper hip-hop remembers where the dancefloor is, nothing is going to light a fire under clubbers’ asses than stuff like this.
(PRESS RELEASE) The 20th release for Goodgroove brings a 4 tracker from the mighty Featurecast himself. The label has supported Featurecast all the way from the first release and now a household name he is hotter then ever. Askillz, Ali B and almost anyone who got hold of the promos has been rinsin the hell out of all these tracks. Funky breaks at their best.
(Out on Goodgroove 15 December 2009 – vinyl only release)

“Every track is a winner on this release, been rinsing “Whoah!” every gig. Featurecast always delivers!” A SKILLZ
“Big tunes!” DJ YODA

Featurecast: Goodgroove Artist Series no. 11 – Tracklist
A1. Whoah!
A2. Rock Ya Body
B1. Bump
B2. Get On The Floor

Listen to Featurecast: Goodgroove Artist Series 11

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