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THE MIGHTY MOCAMBOS: Scénarios LPRating: ★★★★★ As long-heralded by a series of singles beginning with their Live At Jam PDM! 45 from two years ago (possibly before this LP was even actually a ‘thing’), here, finally, is The Mighty Mocambos’ Scenarios long player – an entity that re-affirms why the word ‘mighty’ appears between ‘The’ and ‘Mocambos’ in the band’s name.  Of course, this one is packed with

VARIOUS: The Originals Vol. 2

VARIOUS: The Originals Vol. 2Did you manage to keep up with all the tracks on the Golden Rules label’s The Originals Vol. 2 funk sampler as they were released digitally over the last year or so? Nope, the monkey neither. Just as well the label were always aiming to put out everything in the full wax monty form of vinyl LP The Originals Vol. 2. And of course, you knew they were always going to do that, because that’s

THE MIGHTY MOCAMBOS: Something’s Missing

THE MIGHTY MOCAMBOS: Something's MissingHere’s the the new single from The Mighty Mocambos then – Something’s Missing.
What’s missing?
No, that’s its name – Something’s Missing.
Yeah – you said, but what’s missing?
No!!! Arrghhh!
Hours of fun. It was penned by band member and singer Nichola Richards this one, apparently, for

CHRIS LUJAN & ELECTRIC BUTTER feat. ANDRE CRUZ & REALITY JONEZ: Brothers and Sisters Of The World, Unite!

Rating: ★★★★★ Yet more dope from Golden Rules forthcoming all-original funk/ soul LP sampler The Originals 2 with this funk-laden heavy-soul groover from, deep breath, Chris Lujan & Electric Butter feat. Andre Cruz & Reality Jonez. Looks like they’ve really been saving up the best singles till the end of the release schedule what with this coming out hot on the heels of Blaxound’s Plata


THE BLAXOUND:  Plata O Pomo Rating: ★★★★★ Welcome to The Blaxound’s Plata O Pomo, a.k.a. the monkey’s favourite track yet off the forthcoming Golden Rules funk sampler The Originals 2. In contrast to the smoother cinematic soul vibes of recent LP El Maravilloso Sonido Instrumental, this one finds Marta Román’s Barcelona-based crew drop a super-heavy slab of Meters-esque instrumental funk. It’s a trick


JOE STURGES & LUCAS DE MULDER:  Instead Of Number FiveDid I say the sound of early 80s Miami was the one to evoke for a worryingly hot summer in Europe in the previous post about the single before this from the Golden Rules label? Actually, maybe instead, the super-mellow instrumental soul jazz on Instead Of Number Five by Joe Sturges & Lucas De Mulder is the thing. Less sweltering Florida heat than the desert-meets-the-


TOYTOY: TahinOk, let’s be honest – sometimes the monkey gets behind. For one, there’s the annual deluge of new releases in autumn that is difficult to stay on top of and then there’s Christmas with the novelty drops and, well, non-blog stuff like parties and family. After that? Well, after that is the annual deluge of spring releases which is as difficult to stay on top of as the autumn one and finally

WONDER 45: Wonderland (+ Ltd. vinyl 7″)

WONDER 45: WonderlandYou recognise the house style of that artwork don’t you? That’s right, this is the next single off the Golden Rules label’s funk and soul sampler The Originals Vol. 2 and what a track it is too. For this release the label have chosen soul torch song Wonderland by new London-based outfit Wonder 45 and it’s a proper little smoulderer showcasing the voice of singer Gavin Conder. Slow-burning organ? Check. Love-based lyrics with soaring chorus? Check. Big horns on said soaring chorus? Check again. Grab loved one, sway slowly and get your lighters up. Oh sorry, it’s – er – torches on phones these days isn’t it – not quite the same but this track will make up for that particular shortfall. Golden Rules: bringing soul back to the people alright.
(Out 6 May digitally on Golden Rules/ Pre-order vinyl (shipping 1 October) on Happy People Records)

THE BLASSICS: Slight Whining (Fast)

THE BLASSICS: Slight Whining (Fast)Instalments of the Golden Rules label’s forthcoming all-original funk/ soul sampler The Originals Vol. 2 keep rolling in thick and fast and the next one is afro-funk beast Slight Whining (Fast) from Finland’s The Blassics. Here’s a crew who don’t mess around, kicking this instrumental off immediately with a rolling drum break and lightly wah-wah’d guitar soon joined by that


AMAZIN' FIVE: MoneyThe next digital single from German label Golden Rules in the run-up to the vinyl release of their second volume of all-original funk and soul, The Originals Vol. 2, is from Russian funk outfit Amazin’ Five. Somewhat topically, it’s entitled Money – which I understand is in short supply in Russia at the moment though I’m pretty sure the band didn’t have a controversial invasion of a