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THE GETUP: Gold Digger/ Fat Pat’s Kitchen (2016)

Gold Digger Fat Pats Kitchen The GetupUK funk outfit The Getup return shortly for a jaunty double tilt at dancefloors with their new 45. On A-side Gold Digger, vocalist Sasha Patterson (a.k.a Sasha Goodman) is enlisted to provide suckers everywhere with the 411 on the behaviour of certain single ladies, just in case the lessons of the Kanye track (no relation to this one by the way) have been overlooked. On the flip, the

DJ ANGELO: Kanye West vs. Jocelyn Brown – Gold Digger (Some Guy remix) – Free download and Video

Angelo weighs in with the third instalment of what he describes as his mash-up ‘hattrick’. “It’s probably one more for the ladies,” he claims in an attempt to mitigate his shameless cutting of Kanye’s only decent track with Jocelyn Brown’s smooth nineties rnb number Somebody Else’s Guy, before adding, “it never fails on the dancefloor, trust me.” Normally, of course, trust is the last thing I would place in someone who utters ‘trust me,’ as if they were some sort of lawyer in a Yank yuppie-era film angling for a huge bribe. However, this, as with the previous two instalments, has faultless production, an equally faultless video mash to accompany it and, I suspect, a flawless record with ladies on the dancefloor. Hip-pop don’t stop! Get it and/ or watch it below:
DOWNLOAD – DJ ANGELO: Gold Digger (Some Guy remix) HERE
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