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MR BRISTOW & BENNY SILVER: Stupid EPLast heard of touting their wares as a duo nearly a full five years ago, Mr Bristow and Benny Silver return this month with their new Stupid EP.
“What’s stupid about it?”
Nothing – that’s the EP’s name!
What’s the EP’s name?”
Not what; Stupid.

CHARLIE BEALE & GRID DIVISION: Stick ‘Em Up (2017) Free download

CHARLIE BEALE & GRID DIVISION:  Stick 'Em Up (2017) Free downloadNow I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, ‘I could really use a glitch-hop bump that would get feet moving but properly had the funk – maybe some horn samples, the odd grunt and some wah-wah guitar. A lot of wah-wah guitar.’ Could Charlie Beale and Grid Division (for it is they) join forces to make your day? The answer is yes they could and the medium is new one Stick

BARRY KRISHNA: Hood On My Shoulders (2016)

Hood On My Shoulders Barry KrishnaWho’s that striding down Bootleg Street chanting as he goes? Why it’s Barry Krishna spreading the yogic production practice of cheekhi vershyan (as revealed in his Hood On My Shoulders EP) and dedicating his thoughts and actions towards those mighty among the pantheon of hip-hop. Thus mantra-like you shall hear the words “hip-hop”, “breathe and stop”, “hell yeah”, “bring the noise”,

FORT KNOX FIVE: Whatcha Gonna Do (2015)

Whatcha Gonna Do Fort Knox FiveSome questions demand an answer – what are you going to do for example if DC crew Fort Knox Five come knocking and posit the idea of your remixing their Mustafa Akbar-featuring slab of disco Whatcha Gonna Do? The answer, if you’re Father Funk, is to apply filters and passes over an extended intro, insinuate a fair amount of wobble into the mix and get grinding

QDUP feat. MUSTAFA AKBAR: Funk & Dance (2015)

Funk  Dance  QDupFunk & Dance is the latest single from QDup as he makes a song and dance (literally) out of his return to the Fort Knox Recordings label. How does he do this? By getting one other FK regular under a groove – vocalist Mustafa Akbar – and then the pair of them channel George Clinton by way of a bit of twenty-first century funk production. K-Lab and Skiitour are on hand to make sure the public

HANZEE: HaleLuisa EP (2015)

HaleLuisa EP HanzeeHaleLuisa from Hungary’s Hanzee (try saying that when you’re pissed) is the latest drop from the MustBeat label and sees the Budapest breaksman start off with some pumping, insectoid electro-glitch, venture into glitchy P-Funk territory for American Dream and journey from thence into utter glitch darkness on Jive Step. The fourth cut on this four tracker is an Andy Taylor remix of the

RAM JAM: Black Betty (PHIBES remix)(2014)

Black Betty PhibesPhibes take on one-hit wonders Ram Jam and their version of Black Betty for a bit of heavy blues-rock-powered ghetto glitch remix action here. The precise meaning of the eponymous ‘black betty’ of the title is a matter for speculation and has been variously interpreted over the decades as referring to a bottle of whiskey, a musket, a whip or a penitentiary transfer wagon

B.VISIBLE: Dust To Bytes (2015)

Dust To Bytes B.VisibleAnother one Dust To Bytes then as Austrian producer B.Visible succumbs to his itch to glitch and does what he does best. That’ll be by getting his hands on some old soul music, putting it through the shredder and reassembling it glitch-breaks style. It’s the first track off his new EP, Order, which features an array of glitchy electronica – that you’d mainly have trouble

MR BRISTOW: Just Walk (2014)

Fused Funk 5 Mr BristowRating: ★★★★★ Just Walk is the latest from master of many styles, Mr Bristow, who kicks off the latest Funk Fusion offering, Fused Funk Vol. 5 with a gloriously massive swing-tinged ghetto-glitch-funk banger. It’s got all the right junk in all the right places – a funky crashing breaks, heavy on the cymbals, frequency-bending mutant bass wobble that can level a city block, furious scratching when

AGELESS: I’m Gone (2014) Free download

I'm Gone AgelessRight, this is long overdue some love and has been languishing in the monkey’s inbox for the best part of a month without there having been sufficient time to give it the ear time it deserves. That time has come however and one thing is certain – if you like your glitch-hop and electro breaks funky and super soulful, you’ve come to the right place as NYC producer Ageless righteously provides ample