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GIZELLE SMITH: Agony Road/ Riot Cars

GIZELLE SMITH:  Agony Road/ Riot CarsMighty Mocambos singer Gizelle Smith drops two new cuts off the spring’s Revealing album with the release of the moody Agony Road and the even moodier Riot Cars – a.k.a. that LP’s opener and closer respectively. The former is powered by a driving funk beat featuring guitars and a lyrical exploration of the seven stages of grief. The latter opens with creepy FX that gradually fade into

GIZELLE SMITH: Better Remember/ Miss World

Better Remember Miss World Gizelle SmithGizelle Smith’s creative renaissance continues with new digital double A-side Better Remember and Miss World. Musically, both cuts are still recognisably funky and shot through with wah-wah guitar, soulful basslines and syncopated drum breaks. Lyrically however, both cuts depart from Smith’s earlier and more personal experience-focussed lyrical content instead taking a reflective

GIZELLE SMITH: King Of The Mountain

GIZELLE SMITH: King Of The MountainGizelle Smith proves she’s queen bee with this inspired psych-soul interpretation of Kate Bush’s 2005 number King Of The Mountain. Out go all the wafty art-rock-isms and pantomime dame vocal mannerisms of the original and in come nasty synth, a rolling drum break and Smith dextrously throwing that soul voice around more than usual to create the monkey’s favourite track of hers to

GIZELLE SMITH: Dust b/w Hey Romeo (Vinyl 7″)

GIZELLE SMITH:  Dust/ Hey Romeo (Vinyl 7Blimey what is this – the fourth Gizelle Smith single in as many months? Let it not be said that she’s one to rest on her laurels. Here Smith packs off an ex. on Dust with a ‘5-4-3-2-1’ countdown refrain – sure to invite audience participation – over hectic drums augmented by an appropriate amount of guitar wah. On the flip (for yes, this is a vinyl 7″), is the equally heavily syncopated Hey


GIZELLE SMITH feat. ERIC BOSS:  HeroAs the 30 March release date of Gizelle Smith’s Ruthless Day album draws near, she drops a new single, the duet Hero, as the ‘instant grat’ track if you pre-order said LP. But as anyone knows, a hero has got to be strong, he’s got to be fast, he’s got to be fresh from the fight – so who has she picked to join her on the mic? Step forward Eric Boss (a.k.a. E Da Boss) for another duet with

GIZELLE SMITH: Sweet Memories b/w S.T.A.Y. feat ERIC BOSS (7″ Vinyl) (2017)

GIZELLE SMITH:  Sweet Memories b/w S.T.A.Y. feat ERIC BOSS (7Ah the end of the year – that time when the old butts up against the new! Appropriately enough, that seems to be the vibe that has informed new single Sweet Memories b/w S.T.A.Y. featuring Eric Boss. First you get the ‘new’, in the form of Sweet Memories which deals in slight more moody psych-rock influenced territory than has been hitherto heard from Ms Smith and alternates between the