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GHOSTFACE KILLAH feat. KANDACE SPRINGS: Love Don’t Live Here No More (2014)

Love Don't Live Here No More Ghostface KillahGhostface Killah‘s new single is one of the highlights off new LP 36 Seasons and the just-dropped video’s a humdinger too! In it, Ghostface alter ego Tony Starks is played by Omar off The Wire who, it turns out isn’t gay after all but has been in prison for ages and the missus is a bit pissed off. To underline how pissed off she is we find out from the hook (sung by Blue Note’s

GHOSTFACE KILLAH: 36 Seasons (2014)

36 Seasons Ghostface KillahIf you dig deft lyrical delivery of hard-boiled tales of double-crossing and revenge combined with 70s soul-influenced boom-bap production you’re going to shit when you hear that a certain legendary emcee has his thirteenth full length studio LP, 36 Seasons coming out next month. Wu are we talking about? Why Ghostface Killah of course – a.k.a Ghostface, Ironman and Tony Starks. The

THE CAPTAIN: Run (Moby vs. Wu-Tang Clan) (2014) Free download

Run Moby WTC The CaptainDespite the embarrassing publicity of the Costa Concordia incident, there are still Italian captains more than capable of piloting a reliable course. Once such is – er – The Captain who, here, hits upon the conceit of making a match between the one of hip-hop’s greatest storytellers, Ghostface Killah, with one of electronica’s baldes- I mean blues-iest, producers – Moby. With Run he safely

GHOSTFACE KILLAH: The Champ (FREQNIK & WDRE rework)(2014)

NY duo Freqnik & WDRE continue to cement their reputation for quality throwback boom-bap production with this rework of Ghostface’s pugilistic parable The Champ from his 2006 Fishscale LP. Where the original lumbers around with a plodding beat, weighed down by rock guitars and intrusive crowd samples, the bootleg is a stripped-back alternative with a break that offers a much funkier

GHOSTFACE KILLAH: ‘Murder Spree’ video + ’12 Reasons To Die’ album update (2013)

New Wu. Who knew? Actually, quite a lot of people but since Murder Spree off the forthcoming Ghostface Killah/ Adrian Younge LP 12 Reasons To Die only got leaked last night you might not have heard that yet – vid below. The album comes out on RZA‘s Soul Temple imprint in collaboration with the Get On Down label which has lately become synonymous with deluxe re-releases of

INSPECTAH DECK, 7L & ESOTERIC: Czarface (2013)

It’s the return of comic-book/ gangster film-inspired backpack rap everybody! Thrill to the boom, gasp at the bap as swathes of fanboys come out of retirement and shake the moths from their Carhartts and Eastpaks. Czarface finds core Wu-Tang member Inspectah Deck team up with a pair of the Boston underground’s finest – 7L & Esoteric – for a fourteen track album-length

RAEKWON (feat. Rick Ross & Ghostface): Molasses – Free download – 2011

Well – this wasn’t quite what I was expecting from a Wu-Tang/ Rick Ross collabo but it shows ‘the Chef’ still has a few tricks up his sleeve and makes forthcoming Raewkon LP Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang sound even more promising than it did before. And while Molasses might ooze out of your speakers on a thick and treacly mellow soul-horns groove, the lyrics still have bite. It’s another tale of thug life with Rae and co. imagining themselves as ‘Scarface Gangsters’

ADIDAS Originals: Superstar II X Ghostface Killah

Hard to find fault with these Tang-y offerings from the Ghostface/ Adidas hook-up. What you see is what you get – rock these and you couldn’t (Killa) Bee more fly. Difficult to see Wu wouldn’t want a pair really.