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GHOST WRITERZ: They Wanna Know Remixes (2017)

GHOST WRITERZ:  They Wanna Know RemixesThose predisposed to a quality bit of bashment might well have picked up on Ghost Writerz’ recent rather good 7″ They Wanna Know on which toaster Jimmy Screech very solidly laid down the tale of his lifelong involvement in soundsystem culture over a dubby slab of reggae which morphed into a second half of jungle. Those predisposed to a good remix will therefore want to

GHOST WRITERZ: They Wanna Know (2017)

GHOST WRITERZ:  They Wanna KnowThey Wanna Know do they? “They wanna know ‘ow I became the artist I am/ My journey from a boy to a man”? Best tell ’em then, Ghost Writerz, innit? And so Jimmy Screech and Sleepy Time Ghost do precisely that, regaling anyone who will listen plus – well – frankly anyone within earshot – all about Screech’s long relationship with soundsystem culture. The narrative begins in the 80s