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DOOM: Operation Doomsday Seven Inch Collection Boxset (2017)

DOOM:  Operation Doomsday - The 7 Inch Collection Boxset (2017)We’re DOOM-ed! Say that out loud and people will either think Trump’s pressed the button or repeat the words back to you in a dodgy Scottish accent while raising their eyebrows and showing the whites of their eyes. In print though, it’s quite obvious that a reference is being made to something Daniel Dumile-related. And that something is an Operation Doomsday seven inch boxset in which all the tracks that

WU-TANG CLAN: Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) Deluxe 7″ Casebook (2017)

What to get the middle-aged Wu-Tang completist for their birthday? Surely, it’s got to be the RZA-approved Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) Deluxe 7″ Casebook! Not a ‘book’ format case for six vinyl 45s containing all twelve tracks off the Wu’s debut LP? The very same. Any special features? Of course there are! How about a fifty-six-page book entitled Shaolinology written by

KENNY DOPE: The Wild Style Breakbeats (2014)

Wild Style Breakbeats Kenny Dope“Man, I saw your female with them, too. What’s up with her? I hear that she’s been giving that stuff out to all them graffiti guys.”
“Yo, shut the fuck up, Chico, man!”
“I’d paint three of those murals for some of that ass.”

Yeah? And how about some of this ass? The first ever studio release of all thirteen original

GENIUS/ GZA: ‘Liquid Swords’ The Chessbox (2012)

Neither the first Wu solo effort nor even GZA’s first solo album, Liquid Swords has to be one of the best (as well as one of the most famous) LPs from the Wu-Tang Clan camp and now it’s getting a special edition re-release. The LP saw legendary mic manipulator GZA give it large on his favourite topics over thirteen of RZA’s trademark haunting loops and crisp breaks with snatches of ridiculously over-the-top dialogue from Shogun Assassin