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GENERAL NARCO: Dub In The Arena (2014)

GFD16 General NarcoAllegedly, no-one knows who General Narco is though I have my suspicions. Let’s put it this way – it’s someone who has the audacity to make soft-rock combo Fleetwood Mac the basis of a beat for an entree which narrows it down a bit – though you’ll have to keep guessing for now. Oh well. Incidentally – that’s the name of the track in question – both the mightily funked-up Narco cut

GENERAL NARCO: Digital Bombs (2013)

Que es General Narco? No-one knows, allegedly, though I suspect Slim Goodgroove has a fairly good idea since Digital Bombs is out on Goodgroove Records. Also, while he might sound like he’s quite high up in the Sinaloa Cartel and trafficking industrial amounts of brown and green, Narco is actually quite high in the bass scene’s estimation and trafficking industrial amounts of breaks and

B-SIDE feat. KYMBERLEY KENNEDY: Dope Rider (2013)

The ghetto funk scene keeps threatening to show up on the wider public’s radar and B-Side‘s latest crossover bid is the positively pneumatic Dope Rider which has more grind than a roomful of strippers and features a stadium-filling vocal from Kymberley Kennedy. More than enough to draw attention at the the underground/ mainstream border control at any rate. It also brings two remixes in tow: General Narco‘s noisy dnb version which is liable to be pulled