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JOHNNYPLUSE feat. MC COPPA: Never Get Old (2012)

Never Get Old is the second single off Johnnypluse’s forthcoming LP and finds him laying down a bedrock of fat breaks over which he juxtaposes what sounds like a gathering swarm of bees with a sweet piano hook while the ever-reliable MC Coppa ponders the shit life throws at you and delivers life-affirming couplets. Remixes come in the shape of the dark and bleepy

DJ AXE vs. STEREO BEATZ: Funk N’ Breaks (BigMD038) (2012)

BigM regular Stereo Beatz has brought along his mate DJ Axe this time for Funk N’ Breaks or more accurately ‘ghetto funk n breaks’. Not that I’m complaining you understand – as the synths on this rock a funky ice cream van vibe that I haven’t heard since Jake Slazenger brought out Supaphunk about fifteen years ago. Slazenger’s was more of an armchair anthem though whereas the big breaks

FUZZBOX INC: Party People (2011)

Fuzzbox Inc. are an outfit known for their funky breaks and according to the PR, their latest Greg Blackman-featuring single Party People stays true to their ‘unique funky style.’ When I had a listen though, it sounded like they’d gone off piste. And when I say ‘off piste’ I mean ‘away to a pill-fuelled orgy in the rough direction of the Balearic islands.’

JOHNNYPLUSE feat. Youth Mass: Drinkin In The Sun (2011) + video

Drinking in the sun! It always seems like such a good idea doesn’t it? There you are with your workmates by a river or something, supping a cold pint, full of bonhomie…and then it all goes blurry. You ‘come to’ sunfried, dehydrated, slumped on cardboard boxes in a piss-stinking shop doorway with a half a kebab down your front wondering when it got dark and where everyone is. Johnnypluse seems to have captured the euphoric

DIRTY DUBSTERS: Queens Of Reggae EP – 2011

Dirty Dubsters present us with a brace of reggae queens and I don’t mean in the flamboyant-dress-broad-shoulders-adam’s-apple-covers-of-Bob-Marley sense. Nope, more in the none mo’ dutty dancehall ruling, all-woman pairing of Whandah The Dainty Queen and Chantelle Ernandez. Don’t mess! Two royal slices of reggae heat then – first up the hip-hop skank of Need To Leave You where Whandah basically tells her presumptious bloke to ‘step’ and secondly

GOODGROOVE: Regrooved Series 10

The latest from the Goodgroove label goes large again and by now you should know to expect fat beats drawing influence from across the funky spectrum with nods to house music in the builds and the drops. It does come across as a bit mechanical at times and the Apache break has had more than enough outings in the last year or so but at least they didn’t go all Fatboy Slim like the last drop from rivals Manmade. Philly Blunt takes the laurels.
(PRESS RELEASE) 4 superstar producers all with sure fire club bangers. The Regrooved series delivers a solid 4 track EP that works in all departments on the floor, just it was intended to. Producers from all corners come together to make a storming release. Another must for any funky DJ that knows how to rock the spot.
Regrooved Series 10 – Tracklist:
A1. Hustle Muscle – DJ Wood
A2. Blow – Fuzzbox Inc
B1. Funkanomical Boom – Jroc
B2. Loves California – Philly Blunt
(Released 1 March on Goodgroove)

Listen to Goodgroove: Regrooved Series 10

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