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FUNKY DESTINATION: Funkadelic Stereo Adventures (2016)

funkadelic-stereo-adventures-funky-destinationThe Cold Busted label make yet another not-infrequent subversion of their mission to purvey quality downtempo music to the world with the decidedly lively, upbeat Funkadelic Stereo Adventures – i.e. the latest release from the man named after what must surely be his permanent creative locus – Funky Destination

FUNKY DESTINATION: Supersonic Bomb (2015)

Supersonic Bomb Funky DestinationThe mirrorball-with-a-fuse pretty much captures it on the cover art of Funky Destination‘s second full-length effort Supersonic Bomb which contains seventeen original cuts of solid nufunk action featuring live instrumentation and vocals. There’s a heft and chunk to this that other nufunk drops often lack and it’s the sort of thing you might file alongside Quasamodo or early Basement Freaks

FUNKY DESTINATION: Gonna Give You Something To Funk On EP (2014)

Gonna Give You Something To Funk On Funky DestinationThe man named after every right-thinking MB reader’s ultimate objective, Funky Destination, has a new EP out entitled Gonna Give You Something To Funk On EP. It’s a six-tracker which begins in a similar vein to recent drops by Mister T and My Neighbour Is which is to say crunchy, funky party breakbeat action. Opener Brothers & Sisters This Sound Run Town can’t decide if it

TIMEWARP MUSIC: Free Downloads (2013)

The Greeks! Like the Romans or something? Bit before? Bit further east? But what have they ever given us? Well apart from democracy, Pythagoras and freedom from a million-strong Persian army commanded by a colossal pervert there’s this lot of free downloads from Athens-based nu-funky breaks label Timewarp Music – home to Timewarp Inc., AfroQBen, Funky Destination, Auditors Domination, Mr Gagun and Sr De Funk, among others. All the

FUNKY DESTINATION: Down To The Music (2013)

Unlike many another artist, there’s no claiming that his music will take you to a funky location for the unusually-monikered Timewarp-signing Funky Destination. Oh no. He’s claiming he actually is that very place. Nevertheless, despite having thus cruelly deprived his own music of a purpose, the Down To The Music EP still manages to deliver two tracks of respectable nu-funkified disco breaks