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FUNKSHONE: It Ain’t Never Gonna Work/ Aberlady Fry (2011)

Funkshone follow up their mighty Soul Survivor with a new seven inch before their second album drops. Less raw than earlier releases, vocal cut Ain’t Never Gonna Work featuring Jaelee Small channels the seventies via the nineties. What? Yeah – it’s that twenty year retro cycle thing isn’t it because guess what was hot in 1991 apart from grunge? That’s right retro seventies funk.

MONKEYBOXING.COM top ten tracks 2010

(Monkeyboxing top ten albums 2010 HERE)A huge hip-hop tune from Aldo Vanucci, Featurecast and Tha ‘Liks, some big funk bangers from the likes of Funkshone and the Bamboos but it’s definitely been a reggae kind of year. Here’s some you should have got your hands on in 2010…

FUNKSHONE: Soul Survivor – 2010 – Single review

Rating: ★★★★★

Funkshone (ably assisted by singer Chris Wilson’s authentic 24 carat vocals) here deliver an impression of soulful seventies funk so convincing that it could easily be mistaken for a long slept-on 45 from Atlantic Records’ basement. It’s not of course and despite the fact that my personal preference tends to an earlier period of soul/ funk, repeated listens convince that to withhold the full five stars would be an action meaner than the conduct of Ebeneezer Scrooge during a particularly nasty economic downturn. Plus there’s a horns-led instrumental cut on the flip for remixers, mash-up creators and – well – people who just like instrumentals. In short: dirty wah wah, heavy breaks and a chorus larger than Terry Tibbs in a Maserati showroom. ‘Ave it!

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