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FUNKOSOL RECORDS: Boar Stuff EP (2013)

The latest (and arguably best) drop yet from the Funkosol stable is Boar Stuff . And, while nothing whatsoever to do with wild hogs, it nevertheless assembles a clutch of artists who’ve been rooting around successfully in a forest of samples. Witzky‘s unearthed Albert Hammond’s AOR strum I’m A Train for example, and given it a ghetto funk going-over. SonicFUNK has snuffled up a number

WARSON & CHUDY: Funky Boar Strikes Again (2013)

Not had enough refried funk yet eh? You’ll be wanting to check out the two distinct flavours you get on Funky Boar Strikes Again then, courtesy of the latest wing of the Polish funk/ breaks mafia a.k.a. Funkosol RecordsWarson and Chudy. First up is Warson who reboots Israeli 70s throwbacks Funk N Stein and their Ohio Players style number That’s Love for the nufunk/ ghetto