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TURNTILL: TCF Rock Riddim (Remixed) (2016)

TCF Rock Riddim Remixed TurntillBack last year aways, DJ Turntill of Swiss crew The Chosen Few set out to make a single reggae track. Remember that fact, it’s important – a single reggae track. However, being a musically well-connected sort (due to his label and crew The Chosen Few) one thing led to another and he ended up with no fewer than twenty different vocal versions of said riddim released as TCF Rock

KOWALSKI (a.k.a. DJTZINAS): Remixes EP (2015) Free download

Remixes KowalskiMore freebie action this New Year’s Eve Eve, with a big old barrel of bashment breaks bizniz. Kowalski: The Remixes finds Jamie Bostron, Chong X, Balkan Riddims, S Strong & Funkanizer and Bossy Ride get their sweaty mitts on Addictive and Dancehall Time off From Colorado To San Francisco by Djtzinas side project Kowalski and deliver two rerubs of the former and three of the latter

S STRONG & FUNKANIZER: Groove Gigolos EP (2014)

Rating: ★★★★★ The PR would have it that the Groove Gigolos EP from Stelios Strong and cohort Funkanizer is the product of yet more dubious sexual adventures at Scour Mansions – something about fingering Pandas apparently. Since such deviance regularly drips from the pen of one Fat Harry however, dwelling on it will only serve to encourage him, so let’s have a look at the music

TRU FUNK: Nu Party Breaks Vol. 4 (2012)

Ahhh the party breaks/ funky breaks/ ghetto funk compilation – you’re never quite sure what the content will include these days. Bit of glitch hop? Er – alright, yeah. Drum n bass? Not really my bag, man. Moombahton? No ta. Dubstep? Fuck off. Which is where Tru Funk come in. The missing ‘e’ indicates that we’re all modern ‘n shit but there is actually a clear link with the thang that James

BOOTY FRUIT presents: Homemade Bullets Volume 3 (2011)

Homemade bullets? It’s all about the casting, the priming, the charging…the constant threat of it all blowing up in your face…Still, none of this is really an issue for Cut La Vis, El Bomba or Tonic & Funkanizer who’ve been slaving away in their audio bunkers crafting dancefloor ammunition in the shape of this digital four-tracker. As always, a lot depends on picking a dope sample so particular props have to go to Funkanizer and El Bomba for