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ROCAFORT RECORDS:  Funk For The PeopleRating: ★★★★★ Admittedly Rocafort Records new heavy funk comp., Funk For The People, did come out about a month ago but when those autumn release gates open, trying to stay on top of them is like trying to hold back a storm surge with a rizla. Still – that’s no reason to give up battling onwards especially when a release in question contains the sort of gems this one does, compiled

COOKIN’ ON 3 BURNERS: Lab Experiments Vol. 2

COOKIN' ON 3 BURNERS:  Lab Experiments Vol. 2After their success with the funky alchemy of Lab Experiments Vol. 1: Mixin’, what was there for Aussie Hammond funk veterans Cookin’ On 3 Burners to do but return to the laboratory to cook up even more goodness? As with its predecessor, Lab Experiments Vol. 2 turns in eight tracks though this time there is an equal balance of vocal and instro cuts. Arguably chief among the former


SHAKA LOVES YOU feat. FULLEE LOVE:  BoogieRating: ★★★★★ Long established as party breaks edit kings, Glasgow’s Shaka Loves You hook and sling their way to something rather special for the next release on the Bomb Strikes label with new cut Boogie. Done in collaboration with former Jurassic 5 rapper Soup – in full funk vocalist mode here as Fullee Love – the track couldn’t have a more apt name. Like kindred spirits The Allergies, SLY reinvigorate ancient funk beats by cleaning shit up, beefing shit up and adding new vocals. And in doing so here, they turn in one righteous beast of party starter. The very thing in fact that ought to get the Craig Charles seal of approval – ooh – whatdyaknow – it already has. Boogie is the lead cut off the boys’ forthcoming EP.
(Out 2 November on Bombstrikes)


THE ALLERGIES:  Steal The ShowRating: ★★★★★ For god’s sake nail down down anything that moves before The Allergies steal the show. They’re after the lot – underground love, mainstream recognition, old samples, new beats and all the guest vocalists they can lay their hands on. What’s all the fuss? Why – it’s the arrival of new album Steal The Show of course – Moneyshot and Rackabeat’s third in just two years. Man that

LOOSE JOINTZ: Is It All Over My Face? (Vinyl 7″)

LOOSE JOINTZ:  Is It All Over My Face? (Vinyl 7‘Is it all over my face?’ asks singer Melvina Woods on the Larry Levan female vocal version of the notorious Loose Jointz disco track of the same name. And of course what was all over Woods’ face was an expression of joy at her love of dancing – so get your minds out of the gutter

DAYTONER: Shout Love

DAYTONER:  Shout Love Rating: ★★★★★ Hot on the heels of the summer’s Off The Hook LP, the Daytoner crew are back already with a new single Shout Love – which aims to channel the redemptive power of funky soul to relay a message of positivity and unity in these benighted times. Blimey – that’s a tall order. Still we can’t think negatively, we have to try, after all

KILL EMIL: Matata/ Humanidad (Vinyl 7″)

KILL EMIL: Matata/ Humanidad (Vinyl 7The Matasuna label has been going hard on an Afro-Latin tip lately, and here they follow up their re-release of super-rare Sangre Joven cut Zamba Zamba (along with a Voodoocuts remix) with this new 45 from Greek producer Kill Emil. The A-side, Matata, might take its name from the Swahili word for problems but our man seems to have no difficulty knocking out a pumping mid-tempo affair

YAN TREGGER: ‘Catchy’ + ‘Ducks & Drakes’ (re-issue)

YAN TREGGER:  'Catchy' + 'Ducks & Drakes' (re-issue)Rating: ★★★★★ Back in the late 70s when disco and hip-hop were fighting over who was going to truly inherit funk and soul’s mantle it looked for a time as if disco was way out in front. Of course we all know that a few years later, disco was all but played out while hip-hop (in time-honoured fashion) had just been taking its time getting started – not to mention craftily purloining

THE ALLERGIES: When The Heat Comes Down/ Big Bad Woman (Vinyl 7″)

THE ALLERGIES:  When The Heat Comes Down/ Big Bad Woman (Vinyl 7When The Heat Comes Down you better be cool – though if you’re rocking The Allergies’ third 45 in three months on the wheels of steel it’ll make your work easy. What? More Allergies heat so soon? You’d better believe it! It’s the triple whammy as the boys hook-up with international men of hip-hop mystery ASM for an uptempo banger featuring party rhymes and a guitar-led beat. And the flip?

NICOLA SPIROMARINO: Senza Titolo Uno/ Senza Titole Due (Ltd. Vinyl 7″)

NICOLA SPIROMARINO: Senza Titolo Uno/ Senza Titole DueThe next way-out treat from Markey Funk’s Delights label is this hot little 45 – Senza Titolo Uno/ Senza Titole Due. It’s the work of Italian-born, Berlin resident Nicola Spiromarino who has been tinkering away in his home studio so that he can unleash these two slices of synth-drenched library funk the titles of which translate as ‘Without Title One’ and ‘Without Title Two’ – or as