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KARATE BOOGALOO: Marriage For All (Or None At All)

KARATE BOOGALOO: Marriage For All (Or None At All)Melbourne ‘cinematic funk’ outfit Karate Boogaloo return with new single Marriage For All (Or None At All) a ‘personal manifesto of allyship’ written during the 2017 Australian same-sex marriage plebiscite.  Opening with a few bars of ambient melancholy, the track then plunges headlong into a minor-key funk groove featuring squalling guitar, fretful drumfills and underneath it

FLEVANS feat. LAURA VANE: Realisation

FLEVANS feat. LAURA VANE: RealisationContinuing his highly successful partnership with Laura Vane, Flevans returns with new single Realisation – and waits for you to comprehend that he’s taken 80s boogie in funky direction – indeed arguably to a point where it crosses over with what used to be called ‘nu-funk’. Thus, on this, you can expect much heavier syncopation on much more organic-sounding drums than the 80s

BEAT BRONCO ORGAN TRIO: Beat Bronco / Easy Baby

BEAT BRONCO ORGAN TRIO: Beat Bronco / Easy BabyBefore debut long player, Road Trip, drops at the end of the month, Beat Bronco Organ Trio saddle up for one more single entitled – well – Beat Bronco. And if that conjures images of something musically wild and untamed, it’ll be entirely appropriate given this one’s frantic uptempo drums, squalling wah-wah guitar and organ riffs. You’ll need a rest after that so they’ve put Easy Baby on the flip. I say ‘the flip’ – this is actually a digital single – but MB readers may remember Easy Baby as being the A-side of an actual 45 which came out almost a year ago. Mind you, I say ‘rest’ too – although, now I think about it, while this one starts out all mellow, it builds to something of a crescendo.
(Out now on Rocafort Records)

TRAMP RECORDS: Gut Funky (The Best Of C.R.S. Records)

TRAMP RECORDS: Gut Funky (The Best Of C.R.S. Records)Rating: ★★★★★ It might have been nearly three years since Tramp last put out a label retrospective, but they remedy that now with new compilation Gut Funky (The Best Of C.R.S. Records) – named after the dirty seventies sister funk of Midnight Madness’s Gut Funky which appears towards the end of the album.  The label itself was the project of Philadelphia record

CALIBRO 35: Momentum

CALIBRO 35: MomentumIf Calibro 35’s previous LP, 2018’s Decade, marked something of a watershed in what was the tenth year of their career, so, apparently does new one Momentum.  The band put it like this, “If Decade was the sum of everything…in the previous ten years, Momentum is the prequel of what you will hear in the next ten.” And they do have something of a point. Not only does the new album feature

BATUNGA & THE SUBPRIMES: Gates Of Ouantou/ Man In The Field (Vinyl 7″)

BATUNGA & THE SUBPRIMES: Gates Of Ouantou/ Man In The Field (Vinyl 7Although they’re more closely associated with dropping Latin bangers, it is not unheard of for Matasuna Records to dip their toes into afro-influenced waters as with new 45 from Paris-based Batunga & The Subprimes which sees Gates Of Ouantou and Man In The Field on wax for the first time. The first of these cuts was featured on the band’s self-released Let Dem In EP from last year

BOCA 45: Powerful (feat. HANNAH WILLIAMS)/ Sparky Evans (2020 Donuts # 1)(Vinyl 7″)

BOCA 45: Powerful (feat. HANNAH WILLIAMS)/ Sparky (Vinyl 7Who’s this hard-charging straight into February with his Powerful/ Sparky Evans 45 – the first in a strictly limited series called 2020 Donuts? It’s Boca 45 of course, championing the vinyl 7″ as ever with one track that sounds like it was named after a soul sister and one that features one. The latter, Powerful, is the A-side and finds the Jay-Z-sampled Hannah Williams give it large about corrupt leaders over a conga-tastic beat that veers

PROJECT GEMINI: Path Through The Forest / The Ritual (Vinyl 7″)

PROJECT GEMINI: Path Through The Forest / The Ritual (Vinyl 7Rating: ★★★★★ In what must surely be the monkey’s favourite Delights Records release so far, the label drop Project Gemini’s new 45 – Path Through The Forest. Those familiar with the Delight’s psych-funky output will already suspect this is a path leading to ritual sacrifice at the very least and what should the B-side be called but…The Ritual. Told you. Still, at least the journey is highly groovy

DEL GAZEEBO: Art Surgery #1 (Vinyl 7″)

DEL GAZEEBO: Art Surgery #1 (Vinyl 7Rating: ★★★★★ If you dig Del Gazeebo and Aldo Vanucci’s Soul Flip edits and it’s never soon enough till a new one comes out, you’re going to be stoked when you hear about Gazeebo’s new edit series of ‘Sonic Experiments’ on his Art Surgery imprint. The crossover between Soul Flip and Art Surgery is made clear with Volume #1’s Side A Barbara Don’t Love Me – a supercharged

THE HELIOCENTRICS: Burning Wooden Ship

THE HELIOCENTRICS: Burning Wooden ShipBeen missing the Heliocentrics? Your wait is over for here’s Burning Wooden Ship, the first single to be taken from forthcoming album Infinity Of Now due shortly on label Madlib Invazion. And if this single’s anything to go by, the LP promises to be every bit as psych-jazz-funky as you’d expect. A song of several stages, it initially features the haunting tones of songstress Barbora Patkova over