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THE SLINGSHOTS: Break Out!‘Is This Soul?’ Barcelona’s The Slingshots asked on their 2014 debut LP and the answer from the monkey was a very much an affirmative. Fast forward eight or so years and they’ve just dropped their latest release – four-tracker Break Out! on which you’ll be happy to hear that the soul is still very much in effect. The first half kicks off with Got My Own Time – a lilting uptempo affair with

BEAT BRONCO ORGAN TRIO: Missoula-Nairobi (Vinyl 7″)

Missoula-NairobiNew Beat Bronco Organ Trio 45 single, Missoula-Nairobi might not have appeared on the band’s recent LP Road Trip, but that doesn’t mean they can’t take you on a wild ride spanning two continents. And – as the title suggests, that is precisely what they are doing, musically at least, by creating a two part instrumental that unites the band’s love of afro-rhythms with the drummer’s hometown. Cue a drums-heavy slice of Afro-funk

TOO MANY T’s: Earl Necks & Round Grey (Remix Mixtape) (2012) Free download

Even my chair rolled its eyebrows at the description of Too Many T’s as ‘the UK’s answer to the Beastie Boys’ but I had a listen and – yeah, alright, they’re pretty good. The Earl Necks & Round Grey’ Remix Mixtape finds Leon Rhymes and Standaloft rapping over a variety of remixed party breaks versions of old classics by the likes of everyone from the Yardbirds and Fontella Bass to Chaka Demus and DJ