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BOMBSTRIKES: Funk N’ Beats Vol. 8 – X-RAY TED

BOMBSTRIKES: Funk N’ Beats Vol. 8 – X-RAY TEDGiven the way Covid laid waste to release schedules in 2020, it was perhaps no surprise that last year passed without a new entry in Bombstrikes’ long-running compilation series Funk N’ Beats. But fear not, for rising from the ashes of pandemic mayhem comes Funk N’ Beats Vol. 8 helmed by a new guest bombardier-in-chief, X-Ray Ted. Fresh from the success of his disco-breakin’


BOMBSTRIKES: Funk N' Beats Vol. 7 – MARC HYPEAt the eleventh hour, (or more accurately, in the twelfth month) Bombstrikes make sure there’s still time to start the commotion before 2019 is out with the release of Funk N Beats Vol. 7.  You could be forgiven if you had become anxious that the year might pass with no new instalment at all, especially given that last year saw no fewer than three volumes of the now six year old Funk N

BOMBSTRIKES: Funk N’ Beats Vol. 6 – SMOOVE

BOMBSTRIKES: Funk N Beats Vol 6 – SMOOVEOnce upon a time not even an annual affair, the popularity of the Bombstrikes label’s Funk N’ Beats compilation series has seen it become a thrice-yearly event in 2018. Now, following Fort Knox 5’s Vol. 4 and The Allergies’ Vol. 5, comes Vol. 6 to wrap (or possibly rap) up the year, compiled by none other than the man they call Berry Geordie – Newcastle’s favourite bongo-playing, producer


BOMBSTRIKES:  Funk N Beats Vol. 5 - THE ALLERGIESGood grief is it that time already? Yes it is! Bomb Strikes’ annual Funk N Beats compilation which ensures a healthy supply of – well – funk and beats to keep you going until the next offering is now in its fifth year with the unsurprisingly-named Vol 5 just out. But who to run the show in 2018? Who could possibly have the requisite curatorial skills? Enter a pair of youthful ‘Whispering’ Bob

BOMBSTRIKES: Funk N’ Beats Vol. 3 – Featurecast (2017)

BOMBSTRIKES:  Funk N' Beats Vol. 3 - Featurecast Curation of the Bombstrikes Funk N’ Beats series passes to Featurecast for Vol. 3 and in contrast to his own recent wobbly material, our man pursues a decidedly un-wobbly path through the history of party breaks from turn of the millenium classics to the present day leavened with a dash of noughties deep funk here and there. Among the former are the obscure (but nonetheless dope) Wiseguys cut

VARIOUS: Funk N’ Beats Vol. 2: Beatvandals (2015)

Beatvandals Funk N Beats Volume 2The Bombstrikes label gears up for another devastating sortie over breakbeat-land with the sequel to 2013’s Funk N Beats comp. What to call it though? Oohh – I know – Funk N Beats Volume 2: Beatvandals! Why ‘Beatvandals’? Because label co-founder Beatvandals has curated the thing and provided a continuous mix alongside the twenty-five tracks consisting of re-mastered