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FUNK EFEMDZEMOV: Super Munchies EP (2014)

Super Munchies Funk EfemdzemovHe’s barely been away but Funk Efemdzemov is back once more bounding through the swing doors of the ‘breaks kitchen’ to serve up three party breaks snacks for his Super Munchies EP. A certain Afrika Bambaataa ‘pella is cheekily borrowed once more to provide vocal assistance on the opener and The Average White Band’s Put It Where You Want It gets regrooved for the closer. Best of all though is

TRU FUNK: Tasty Beats Vol. 1 (2014)

As promised at the end of last year, the Polish funky breaks mafia (a.k.a. the Tru Funk label) return for 2014 with a brand new series – Tasty Beats Vol. 1 – and a truly international smorgasbord of dancefloor snacks. Bosnia’s Funk Efemdzemov provides a refried soul starter, Germany’s Jayl Funk keeps it hot with a bass-poppin’ main, Phunk Sinatra supplies a Greek beat

FUNKOSOL: Fresh Beats Vol. 3 (2014)

The Funkosol label continues to join the unlikely dots between funky breakbeats and eighties synth-pop (yes, I’m talking about you, Junskee, with your penchant for a bit of Carol Williams) not to mention what sounds like the co-opting of house-y nineties soul (that’ll be you, Max Revolt) with the third volume of Fresh Beats Vol. 3. Funk Efemzdemov is also on hand with a brace of good-

FUNK EFEMDZEMOV: I Got My Mojo Working (2013)

Is it me or has there been one of those periodic dearths of much that is actually funky in the world of funky breaks and ghetto funk recently? No such worries with Balkan badboy Funk Efemdzemov though. That’ll be because he’s got his mojo working. You can tell this by the way he’s called his new EP on Chudy’s Funkosol label I Got My Mojo Working. What this basically entails is our man

FUNK EFEMDZEMOV: Smoking Funk (2013)

Smoking funk? Presumably we are not meant to infer that Balkan beatsman Funk Efemdzemov has been adding a little of the greatest musical genre known to man to his post-gig nicotine fix or left it charred and smoldering somewhere. Rather it seems we are to assume that he has delivered some a six pack of dancefloor fireworks. And in truth – this is a solid not-so-little package of what

TRU FUNK: Nu Party Breaks Vol. 8 (2013)

It’s like some sort of party breaks/ ghetto funk release free for all at the minute with drops imminent from Ghetto Funk and BBP and Scour Records having just given birth to its third ‘baby.’ Who haven’t we mentioned? Ah yes – Tru:Funk and here they are with Nu Party Breaks Vol. 8 – a seven-tracker that leaves the wobble at home and amps up the funk. Chudy kicks off by tapping