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FROOTFUL feat. Angeline Morrison: Slowtime (2011)

Ever wondered what Bebel Gilberto would sound like if she sang in English? Now’s your chance to found out as Nick Radford, a.k.a. Frootful, hooks up with Ambassadors Of Sorrow vocalist Angeline Morrison for a latin makeover of Colours album track Slowtime. It’s the very thing for a sunny, lazy afternoon, spent getting slowly drunk as you ponder life, love and all its complexities

FROOTFUL: Colours – 2011

Frootful is guitarist Nick Radford and (although his name sounds a bit like a new fruity blend energy drink – the Frootful name not the Nick Radford one) his sounds sound like a fruity blend of sixties-cool rnb, soul, jazz and funk influences. Now, I know I just put jazz and funk in the same sentence but that’s ok because actually not all jazz-funk is bad – take Grant Green for example – the man’s a legend.

FROOTFUL: Fish In The Sea – 2011

In which we find a record label (Freestyle) more typically known for their funk output delve slightly further back into the past with their championing of Frootful whose Fish In The Sea channels original stomping early-sixties’ rnb with convincing proficiency. I’m not suggesting for a minute that ‘funk fatigue’ has set in at Freestyle Towers – we all know where that leads – that’s right – rockabill- er – I mean jump blues