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DAYTONER: Life’s A Bitch b/w (It Ain’t) All Good (Vinyl 7″)

Friday's Funky 45 Vol. 12Imagine if Nas’s AZ-featuring Illmatic track, Life’s A Bitch, had a beat done in the style of J-Swift’s work on debut Pharcyde album Bizarre Ride II…? Daytoner and assorted bandmates certainly have done for the A-side of Friday’s Funky 45 Vol. 12 in their fifth crack of the FF45 whip alongside such hallowed company as Featurecast, Smoove, Freqnik & WDRE, Flipout and Red Astaire. Gone is the stoner head-nod of the original replaced by

SMOOVE: Friday’s Funky 45 Vol. 9 (Vinyl 7″) + Wack Records 19-22

SMOOVE:  De La Smoove/ Hall & Soul (Vinyl 7I don’t know, nothing for ages and then four come along at once – well five technically, though one is a re-release. I’m on about Smoove mash-ups of course – the very thing, in fact, that our Berry Geordie set Wack Records up for back in the day. And so it is that Wack Records 19-22 (a.k.a. Sunny Juice, It’s All Good, Skeelo Wonder and Hall & Soul) get a simultaneous release. Well – when you’ve made a special mix of tracks for BBC 6

DAYTONER: David’s Doctor b/w Ooh Lalo (Vinyl 7″)

DAYTONER: David's Doctor b/w Ooh Lalo (Vinyl 7Check Daytoner thinking he could slip the new ‘Friday’s Funky 45’ out under the radar just when everyone was sat around lethargic from rich food, lack of sunlight and a surfeit of alcohol. David’s Doctor employs the same David Axelrod sample used on The Next Episode by a certain production medic you may have forgotten about and teams it neatly with the world’s most famous drum

DAYTONER: Feel Like Jumping b/w Perfidious (Vinyl 7″)

DAYTONER:  Feel Like Jumping b/w Perfidious (Vinyl 7Rating: ★★★★★ Feel like jumping? You will do when you’ve heard this as Daytoner is all set to drop another gold standard double sure-shot 45 by way of a follow-up to the last time he released a gold standard double sure-shot 45. As with that release, our man has gone all out to ensure that dope but previously digital only re-versions finally get the 45 release they always deserved. This time the focus is a pair of rocksteady edits as he turns