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LEISURE ALLSTARS feat. Lady Chann: ‘Friday Night’ remixes by Tom Central & El-Jay

So good they didn’t just let Mr Benn get his hands on it. Yes, the massive hip-hop/ dancehall banger from the summer featuring the vocals of dancehall queen Lady Chann gets a couple more re-rubs from Tom Central (hip-hop meets dubstep territory) and El Jay (dubstep meet DnB territory) – both respectable enough but still both ten-thirty to Mr Benn’s it’s-four-in-the-morning-and-I-ain’t-even-close-to-stopping rude-skanking ‘Saturday Morning retox.’

LEISURE ALLSTARS: Friday Night (feat. Lady Chann) – 2010 – Single review

Rating: ★★★★★

Ahh – Friday night – my favourite part of the week and apparently dancehall queen Lady Chann’s too as she rides a rude Leisure Allstars riddim, an equally rude Professor Dodecahedron remix and a massive dutty-skankin ‘Saturday Morning retox’ from Mr Benn. That’ll presumably be ‘Saturday Morning’ as in ‘still-out-ain’t-gone-to-bed-yet-Saturday-Morning’ given the epic night out that Chann seems to have been planning – “It’s Friday night and that’s party time/ Me call up me bredren and”…er…something incomprehensible to skinny white boys but might be “ma club nah walk fine.” If we lived in a just world this digital single would also drop on 12 inch with all three mixes. Even if we lived in a semi-just world there would at least be a seven inch with the Mr Benn remix on it…it’s not a just world is it? All patois corrections gratefully received.

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