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MARCELLA PUPPINI VS. R.A. THE RUGGED MAN: ‘The Greatest’ (2016) + video

The Greatest Marcella Puppinin RA Rugged ManPuppini sister Marcella and NY emcee R.A.The Rugged Man hook-up for new swing-hop single hook-up The Greatest. What to do for a video concept though? Aww – it’s got to be Marcella as the femme fatale and R.A. as the gangster playboy. Cue chiaroscuro lighting, smoke and a minimalist speakeasy card game setting while they cross and double cross each other lyrically. Yep

FREEAR: Bongo! (2016)

Bongo FreearThe new one from Slamboree founder Freear is his glitchy, electro-swingy effort Bongo! which makes prominent use of a Slim Gaillard sample. Seems harmless enough. So who can fathom the mind of the one whose video concept for this was to track around Bristol following a man hunched double, back exposed with a marker pen cartoon face on it and a giant strawberry blond afro wig

SWING NINJAS: My Belle – FRESHLY SQUEEZED remix competition (2016)

Swing Ninjas Remix Freshly SqueezedAlright – who likes to swing? No, not that kind – don’t be immature. I’m on about the electro-swing kind. Why? Because label Freshly Squeezed are offering up the stems of Swing Ninjas’ jaunty My Belle for all comers to have a go at. Actually that does sound a bit like the other kind of swinging after all doesn’t it? Although, truth be told, if you’re on a remix tip you don’t even have to be a

VARIOUS: Electro Blues Vol. 1 (2013) + CD mini-mix 1 & 2

Electro blues? As in ‘like electro swing’? As in take old blues music and sample it or remix it with some form of electronic dance music beat which – on the evidence of Electro Blues Vol. 1 – is statistically likely to be a breakbeat? Er – yeah pretty much. Hmm – blues and breaks. Blues-breaks. John Mayall’s blues breakers. Funnily enough – he’s on here – courtesy of The Empire Fantastic which finds