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CALAGAD 13: Heart Of The City (2017)

CALAGAD 13:  Heart Of The CityThe trouble with all this ridiculously glorious atypical UK summer weather (i.e. it’s hotter than the Bahamas instead of pissing with rain) does rather mean that certain gems have passed without comment this June, so it’s time to set the record straight or at least the Serato console since Calagad 13’s Heart Of The City sadly doesn’t appear in vinyl format. ‘Sadly’, because the

RIBON: Endless Looper (2016)

Endless Looper Ribon The Serial SurvivorCan’t get enough of that 90s mpc/ sampling sound? Say hello to Barcelona-based emcee/ producer Ribon (or more fully, Ribon The Serial Survivor) who’s given free rein to his retro-hip-hop urges and dropped his all-instrumental thirteen track sixth LP, Endless Looper. And – well – doesn’t it remind you how good stuff not made on