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FRESH FROM THE SEWER: Mixtape 2013 (2013)

The Fresh From The Sewer crew (a.k.a. Turtle and his ‘trusty sidekick’ Fringe Of Steel’) have been catering to the radio-listening public’s burning need for the best in twenty-first century funky bass n breaks for some time now and here they are to celebrate with their Mixtape 2013. It’s big, it’s dirty and in a nutshell, it’s a total noisefest primer for what they’ve been playing for the last twelve

BOBBY C SOUND TV: Fresh From The Sewer Mix (2013)

Anything from the sewer got to be stinkin’ right? Especially if it’s been hanging around for nearly ten days like this has in the monkey’s inbox. But no, the Mile High City’s Bobby C Sound TV has got this exclusive-packed – er – exclusive mix for KaneFM’s ghetto funk commandos Turtle and Fringe Of Steel locked down tighter than vice grip in the second hour of their Fresh From The Sewer

COCKNEY NUTJOB: Fresh From The Sewer Mix (2013)

It might be his ‘Fresh From The Sewer’ mix but there are no turds here as the underrated Cockney Nutjob tears up the breaks for twelve tracks straight (from track fifteen to twenty seven) with an exclusive mix for Turtle and Fringe Of Steel’s KaneFM Fresh From The Sewer show from the Sunday before last (MB’s finger on the pulse as usual!). It features a wealth of the great and good of the ghetto funk massive and a number of exclusives. I’m assuming those are the Cockney

KANEFM (103.7FM): Fresh From The Sewer (2013)

KaneFM‘s flagship breaks show Fresh From The Sewer got in touch a couple of weeks ago all stoked because they’d got their hands on an All Good Funk Alliance exclusive mix. At the time, unfortunately, things round here were busier than a one-armed man pitching a tent in a storm so they got passed over. Things have barely changed since then but these guys are long overdue some love. Fresh From The Sewer flushes good shit