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SPEEDOMETER feat. JAMES JUNIOR: No Turning Back (2015)

No Turning Back Speedometer James JuniorIt says here that Speedometer have, “been one of the bands that has spearheaded the resurgence in deep, gritty funk and soul for over 10 years,” and while they certainly have produced some songs of that description, lead single No Turning Back from the new LP isn’t one of them. The bongos, the Rhodes piano, the restrained trumpet and the occasional bit of scat-singing all

KALBATA & MIXMONSTER: Congo Beat The Drum (2014)

Congo Beat The Drum Kalbata MIxmonsterKalbata & Mixmonster’s new single (and the title track of their debut LP) is called Congo Beat The Drum. And doesn’t it just sound like an entire country – Congo say – banging the skins simultaneously? Another reason while all their shit has such a righteous vibe is that the Israeli production duo spent much of the time sorting out their debut LP (of which this is the title track) in

LACK OF AFRO: ‘One Way – Remixes & Rarities’ sampler (2012)

One way – Remixes & Rarities – Sampler is the five track taster for the full One way – Remixes & Rarities LP out at the end of next month. With it Lack Of Afro flies in the face of music tradition whereby instead of releasing the shitsack of filler which constitutes most artists’ idea of ‘remixes and rarities’ as they ‘fulfil contractual obligations’, he drops some of the best stuff I’ve ever heard off

LACK OF AFRO: Holding my Breath (2011)

Holding my Breath is the second single from Lack Of Afro’s latest LP This Time. Like its predecessor, it rocks the kind of smooth soul vibe to be found all over Smoove & Turrell’s second LP so if you’re down with that, you’ll be down with this as singer Jake Morley gets his mood on over clattery floor friendly percussion. LOA homies Unity Sextet rework this on the flip, uncomplicating the break and have fun with various bits and bobs out of their little bag of jazz


Cold Case is the second single off The Fantastics most recent LP All The People and, like its predecessor, also features Sulene Fleming (no relation to Bob) on vocals. Undecided whether to get their blues or jazz on they go large and do both here with decidedly twangy roadhouse A side Cold Case and the very saxy speed jazz B side (and live favourite) Fat Hector

FROOTFUL feat. Angeline Morrison: Slowtime (2011)

Ever wondered what Bebel Gilberto would sound like if she sang in English? Now’s your chance to found out as Nick Radford, a.k.a. Frootful, hooks up with Ambassadors Of Sorrow vocalist Angeline Morrison for a latin makeover of Colours album track Slowtime. It’s the very thing for a sunny, lazy afternoon, spent getting slowly drunk as you ponder life, love and all its complexities

LACK OF AFRO: A Time For (feat. Wayne Gidden) b/w Numero Seenko (2011)

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If 6 was 9…if the mountains fell into the sea…if A on this was B…None of those things are so but it is true that Adam ‘Lack Of Afro’ Gibbons’ has actually done something I really like. Unfortunately it’s the B-side though, so I will do my level best to see that Numero Seenko gets its dues right here. It’s not that the Wayne Gidden-featuring A-side, A Time For is bad. Gidden’s Jay Kay meets Marvin Gaye vibe teamed with Gibbons’