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JIMI NEEDLES: Reggae Rewinds (2014) Free download

Reggae Rewinds Jimi NeedlesThe season of goodwill knows no bounds in 2014, it seems, as Jimi Needles dons his Santa costume and empties his sack of these four nifty reggae rewinds. Prepare yourself for the much needed Marley-fication of self-indulgent miserablist de jour Sam Smith on Latching In Vain! Sway to the reggae-fication of Damon Albarn’s animated crew Gorrillaz on Feel Good Rocksteady. Nod bleary-

TIMEWARP MUSIC: Free Downloads (2013)

The Greeks! Like the Romans or something? Bit before? Bit further east? But what have they ever given us? Well apart from democracy, Pythagoras and freedom from a million-strong Persian army commanded by a colossal pervert there’s this lot of free downloads from Athens-based nu-funky breaks label Timewarp Music – home to Timewarp Inc., AfroQBen, Funky Destination, Auditors Domination, Mr Gagun and Sr De Funk, among others. All the

AD ‘N’ KUTS (ADITUP & DASTARDLY KUTS): Free downloads (2013)

Fuck Marvel Team-Ups (again), Brisbane bad boys Aditup and Dastardly Kuts have joined forces for some double-action, breakbootybass-hop earhole-penetration as Ad ‘N’ Kuts. They humbly describe themselves as, “two pundits of bodaciously bad bootlegs and coma-inducing dj sets…set to take the world by a shit storm of played out samples and wack as fuck production techniques” before

BASEMENT FREAKS: Cheeba Dance + Nova Monkies (Omegaman Remix) + 30 Min Ali B Show mix – free downloads

Basement Freaks ushers in the New Year with some next decade generosity here. Anyone who’s caught previous releases will know to expect funky breaks of the highest order and anyone who hasn’t will now know too because I’ve just told you. What you waiting for? Just for the record – Cheeba Dance is the one – get your hands on ’em below:
Cheeba Dance by Basement Freaks
Nova Monkies (Omegaman Remix) by Basement Freaks
30 min. mix broadcasted on Ali B’s Show on Kiss FM 10/11/09 by Basement Freaks

Basement Freaks – Myspace

CTRL Z: Ruffneck ’09 – Free downloads

DJs Dash and Inch resurrect an old Freestylers track. I have some reservations about the advisability of this but then some people’ll dance to anything when they’ve had few chemicals – Pendulum for example. Hit the links below to DOWNLOAD:
Ruffneck ’09 – Never Say Die Mix
Ruffneck ’09 – Rack N Ruin remix
Vinyl release: November 23rd / Digital release: November 30th
The Freestylers need no introduction and neither does their all time classic ‘Ruffneck’. This Anthem has been re-recorded and hurtled into the future by notorious electronic punks Ctrl Z and has been one of the biggest tunes in the sets of the likes of Stanton Warriors, Krafty Kuts, Freq Nasty, Deekline and of course the ‘Stylers for the past year!
Every time these two acts have met in the past, the results have been devastating. The Ctrl Z remix of The Freestylers & Pendulum track ‘Security’ was one of the highlights of 2007 and their album collab ‘Turn to Dust’ was rock breaks at its very best, so it was natural that the Stylers would turn to the Z to put their take on what is considered by many as the best Freestylers track ever!
This track was the subject of a Computer Music magazine masterclass and when you hear it you’ll see why. Blending the old with the new, Ctrl Z have managed to keep the ‘rough around the edges’ vibe of the Freestylers original, while stamping their monstrous bassline and synth sounds all over it.
Now it’s finally getting the release it deserves with remixes to blow your socks off including; the seemingly omnipresent High Rankin, best selling dubsteppers Excision & Datsik, bassline remix kings Pirate Soundsystem and the fast rising crack house wunderkid Rack n Ruin!
The vinyl (Original / Excision & Datsik remix) is due out on November the 23rd and all mixes will be available digitally on November 30th.
Coming up next year on the label – Foreign Beggars & Noisia, SkisM, Ctrl Z, Losers, Reso and anyone else we can get our grubby little paws on!

Never Say Die – Myspace

Ctrl z – Myspace

Freestylers – Myspace

BASEMENT FREAKS: Instrumental bootlegs – free download

Free instrumental mash-up booty y’all! Courtesy of ‘King (Leonidas) of the (break)beats’ George Fotiadis. Better known as Basement Freaks…download links below:

1. Digital Monkey Styla (instrumental)
2. Sweet Homie Rock (instrumental)
3. We Gonna Rock It (instrumental)

Basement Freaks – Myspace