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BREAKBEAT PARADISE: Breakin’ The Riddim Vol. 3

BREAKBEAT PARADISE: Breakin’ The Riddim Vol. 3A bit later than last year’s Vol. 2, Vol. 3 of Breakbeat Paradise’s bashment breaks crossover comp. Breakin’ The Riddim has arrived with ten tracks to tun up the dancefloor. Twice as long as the initial volume and very slightly lighter than last year’s Vol. 2 the comp. sees a host of the usual suspects return: Cockney Nutjob, Fredy High and Basschimp (who’ve featured on both previous

BREAKBEAT PARADISE: Breakin’ The Riddim (2017)

BREAKBEAT PARADISE:  Breakin' The RiddimRating: ★★★★★ Looks like it’s time for another themed EP from Breakbeat Paradise and no prizes for guessing that a release entitled Breakin’ The Riddim with cover art featuring a dreadlocked breakdancer entails a marriage of breakbeat and various reggae-related styles. No prizes either for guessing that it’s richer in bangers than a Walls sausage factory. Fredy High for example, heavies