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FRAMEWORKS feat. QnC: Back To The Music b/w Classic (RENEGADES OF JAZZ remix) (2015)

Classic Frameworks QnC Renegades Of JazzRating: ★★★★★ The second of two upcoming Hero Records collaborations with Long Island legends Q Ball & Curt Cazal (and in fact the first to be released) is this which finds Manchester producer Frameworks renewing his acquaintance with the former J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E. rappers. Back To The Music is a woozy Aim-ish beat backed with a sweet Renegades Of Jazz remix of classic banger – er –

HERMA PUMA feat. QnC: Killing Me (2015)

Killing Me Herma Puma Q Ball Curt CazalRating: ★★★★★ Herma Puma come more correct than box fresh – er – Puma suedes with fat laces and a furry Kangol bucket hat by enlisting the prodigious skills of legendary J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E. mic manipulators Q Ball & Curt Cazal on new single Killing Me b/w I Did It For Hip-Hop. You’d pretty much have to be clasping a couple of kilos of cannabis resin to have something more dope than

FRAMEWORKS & BLURUM 13: Moonlighting (2013)

Reliable transatlantic hip-hop duo Frameworks & Blurum 13 release a new single off the rather solid Brickbuilders LP and it’s latin-tinged slab of musical masonry Moonlighting. Blurum’s lyrical focus is less his post-dayjob work in the studio however, than what happens when he pops into a bar en route. One glass of blackberry lemonade down and he’s all spun out by the hypnotic eyes of a woman on a

FRAMEWORKS & BLURUM13: The Brickbuilders EP (2012) + album teaser free download

“BluRum! BluRum! BluRum! ” “We want you to play with us Danny. For ever and ever and…” – oh wait – hang on- that was ‘Redrum’ wasn’t it? No dismembered limbs here, more loose-limbed hip-hop from what has become a time-honoured guarantee of funkiness – the US emcee/ UK producer team-up – in this case NY rapper Blurum13 and Manchester Dj/Producer

FRAMEWORKS feat QNC: Ain’t No Use/ Classic (2012)

Another transatlantic collabo between veteran NY rappers Q-Ball and Curt Cazal and a UK producer, only this time it’s Frameworks rather than Aim. And equally dope. Don’t go expecting Aim’s moody beats though – Frameworks keeps it crisp and funky on both sides. Both cuts clock in at around 100 bpm, Ain’t No Use is a bit lighter on it’s feet and sees QNC air their thoughts on current