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GIULIANO SORGINI: Mad Town/ Ultima Caccia (Vinyl 7″)

GIULIANO SORGHINI: Mad Town/ Ultima Cacchia (Vinyl 7Rating: ★★★★★ If you dig psych-funk, you’ll think all your Christmases have come at once with this single that lifts the two funkiest cuts off Giuliano Sorgini‚Äôs OST album for 1974 Italian TV flick Zoo Folle. It’s the first time ever these two tracks have been on 45 and they have been remastered from the original tapes. First up is Mad Town, a sinuous flute-led instrumental that gradually builds in

THE REBEL feat. DANNO, THE GOOD PEOPLE, ICE ONE: Rebel Music (Vinyl 12″)

Blimey – a 12″ – remember them? They were king of vinyl formats for a while and ruled the clubs for nearly four decades until newfangled stuff like digital formats came along and and – er – the vinyl 7″ made a resurgence. Still, for disco and hip-hop, they were always the big donny dadda of formats and The Rebel knows what’s good for new release Rebel Music. Six cuts (yep, there’s a lot

DEDY DREAD feat. OLIVIA RUFF: Don’t Wanna Wake Up (Vinyl 7″)

“Don’t Wanna Wake,” up sings Olivia Ruff on the new vinyl 7″ from Dedy Dread. I know how you feel mate, the country’s been hijacked by hedge fund managers and their far-right attack dogs, it’s barely stopped raining since September and I tore a nail last night, closing my laptop. Thinking about it, that’s precisely the sort of mood requiring a slice of alt. R&B featuring the soothing tones of

VARIOUS: Esterno Notte Vol. 2/ Esterno Notte Jazz/ Esterno Giorno Estate

Library music fiends unite! Four Flies Records have capitalised on the success of their Esterno Notte and Esterno Giorno compilations of rare and unreleased 60s and 70s Italian cinema soundtrack material with three more volumes: Esterno Notte Vol. 2, Esterno Giorno Vol. 2 and Esterno Notte Jazz. Where the original volumes had dug from the RCA Italy vaults, the net is spread wider on


ALESSANDRO ALESSANDRONI:  Lost & FoundIf you dig Calibro 35, The Bongolian, Shawn Lee or any others who owe a debt to the great library music composers and performers of the sixties and seventies – indeed if you dig the funky back catalogues of library labels KPM and DeWolfe – you’re going to dig new Alessandro Alessandroni comp. Lost & Found. Put together by Four Flies Records, this collection gathers together fifteen