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BIG WILLIE DYNAMITE: ‘Cannonball Rally’ video (2013)

Say hello to Big Willie Dynamite – a.k.a. Buckle Bros‘ Mondo and DJ Ray plus one Marc Stretch. Marc Stretch? He of Cali-funk fuelled hip-hop crew Foreign Legion? The very same – and fans of the FL will doubtless be pleased to hear that BWD rock a not dissimilar brand of Cali-funk fuelled hip-hop. This video for Joes Vs. Pros album track Cannonball Rally finds our crew spoofing the wacky world of

FOREIGN LEGION: Night Moves (The movie) (2012)

And you thought Foreign Legion’s third LP Night Moves was just one of last year’s most underrated underground hip-hop releases. Think again sucker. Rappers Marc Stretch and Prozack Turner also made a feature film to accompany the album that has hitherto only had limited screenings. Shot in black and white, in a…er…string of comedic dialogue-based ‘cinema verite’ set pieces, the

MONKEYBOXING.COM presents: Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul Vol. 2 (2012) Free download

The mighty sequel to last year’s wildly successful free monkeyboxing LP finally arrives: the even filthier and even dirtier Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul: Vol. 2 which once more features a selection of the biggest FUNK, SOUL, HIP-HOP, PARTY BREAKS, and REGGAE bangers from 2011 plus a number of unbelievably hot exclusives and rarities from the likes of BADBOE & PROSPER, THE FUNK LEAGUE feat. DIAMOND D & SADAT X, KRASH SLAUGHTA

CHART – May 2011

1. (NEW) Joe Driscoll – Mixtape Champs (Mr Benn remix)

Mr Benn applies his boom-skankin’ Midas touch again

FOREIGN LEGION: (EXCLUSIVE interview) The Official Monkeyboxing Fireside Chat (Part 2 of 3) – 2011

I saw a billboard advert for deodorant in Canada once. The slogan was, “So dry, people will think you are British.” It’s an epithet which could equally apply to Foreign Legion in this, the second part of a three-part interview (part 1 HERE) which monkeyboxing attempted to conduct with those ‘intangible emcees’ Prozack Turner and Marc Stretch. I say ‘attempted’ since they were continually out of their seats

FOREIGN LEGION: (Exclusive interview) The Official MonkeyBoxing Fireside Chat (Part 1 of 3)

West Coast hip-hop legends Foreign Legion made a stir on the international hip-hop scene with Full Time B-Boy back in 1999. With the release of much-delayed third album Night Moves imminent and (allegedly) an accompanying movie of the same name (the content of which one blushes to think about given the band’s connections with porn queen Adriana Sage), monkeyboxing.com thought it was high time to offer emcee legionnaires Marc Stretch and Prozack Turner a chance to talk

FOREIGN LEGION: ‘Night Moves’ + tracklist – 2011

Even more delayed than the Beastie Boys Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 fellow true-schoolers Foreign Legion finally release ‘difficult third’ album, Night Moves on 12 April this year.

Full-Time B-Boy was the big underground banger that broke them (in the UK at least) at the turn of the millenium

FOREIGN LEGION: ‘The Ultimate’ free download single + video + ‘Night Moves’ LP update – 2011

Still keeping it hotter than block parties in hell, it’s the imminent return of the FL! It says here that new FL single The Ultimate is a slow lane banger. If that seems a bit oxymoronic check Grandpa J’s woozy Asheru & Blue Black style horns-infused beat and you’ll get the picture. Marc Stretch and Prozack are back and – while I hesitate to announce much–delayed full-length LP Night Moves yet again, it is, allegedly, finally, due

FOREIGN LEGION: ‘Travel Lite’ single out now, ‘Night Moves’ LP due 17th August 2010

Foreign Legion’s Night Moves LP (cover art below links) has been coming out and then failed to more times than an indecisive closet gay man. The evidence on the band’s own Hungerstrike Records website, would suggest that the latest due date for Prozack Turner and Marc Stretch’s much-delayed album is 17th August this year. The underrated Bay Area hip-hop duo’s long-awaited third LP is preceded by the seemingly troublesome digital release of promo single Travel Lite. And when I say troublesome, it looks like it’s been kicking around the web for a few weeks now even though publicity for it has been practically zero, the release date varies according from site to site, the artwork has changed (see below LP cover), the video has been pulled from YouTube (at the time of writing) and (depending on the site you visit) it sometimes comes with another track, Ultimate, as well as instrumentals of both. What is going on in the FL camp? Enquiring Minds want to know! Nevertheless – the understated Travel Lite rocks an ATCQ style beat courtesy of Intro Beats (i.e. the man behind the FL’s Secret Knock EP banger, Piano Banger) and lyrically explores the joys of the tour while the altogether trippier Ultimate offers woozy summer horns, Asheru & Blue Black style – …LISTEN to both HERE. Apparently, “the full length album is dropping in late summer and has appearances by Rhymesayers alumni Night Clubber Lang of the Boom Bap Project, Oh No, and Raashan Ahmad of Crown City Rockers!” according to the Hungerstrike Records site, which also notes that the album, “is already being hailed a classic by both Prozack Turner’s and Marc Stretch’s mothers.”
Foreign Legion – Myspace

FOREIGN LEGION: ‘Night Moves’ to be released April 2010

The long awaited third LP from Bay Area hip-hoppers Foreign Legion seems to have had its release delayed more times than Sting’s sperm but is (allegedly) now due in April 2010. And Crown City Rockers Rashaan Ahmad will be making appearance…In the meantime check below links for the latest ‘memo’ from Turner…

Read Night Moves album review here.
Foreign Legion – Myspace
Hungerstrike Records