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How about this? Turntablists and several times UK DMC champions The Disablists get on a nineties-sounding tip with the UK’s most convincing hip-hop crew, Foreign Beggars, for new single Heavy Rotation – no doubt in the hopes of achieving some…er…heavy rotation. In fact it’s worth checking the video just to see what appears to be the idiot lovechild of Morph and the BFG – about 2mins 15 seconds in – see also the pic for this feature.
Vid below links:
Pay cash money for Heavy Rotation @ iTunes
The Disablists – Myspace
Foreign Beggars – Myspace

FOREIGN BEGGARS: ‘Get A Bit More’ videos + SkisM ‘Never Say Die Vol. 2’ DJ mix

Admittedly, it’s not like Get A Bit More was the monkey’s favourite track off recent FB LP The United Colours Of Beggattron (that would be the mighty Seven Figure Swagger), nor even the monkey’s second favourite (which would be the behemoth-beats of Contact)…in fact checking back the MB review referred to it as, ‘the synth-keyboard one’ – but that was before SkisM got his hands on it and turned it into spitting, screaming juddering monster. Don’t worry – the monkey ain’t gone all dubstep, but while we’re posting up these videos to the FB’s new single, and since SkisM’s involved and we were also supplied with a 60 minute Skism dj mix (DOWNLOAD SkisM DJ mix HERE) we thought we’d post that up too. Vids below links. SkisM one is flames. Don’t sleep!
Foreign Beggars – Myspace
SkisM – Myspace
Foreign Beggars – Get A Bit More (SkisM remix) video

Foreign Beggars – Get A Bit More (original mix) video

FOREIGN BEGGARS: Seven Figure Swagger/ Don’t Dhoow It – 2009 – Single review

Rating: ★★★★★

What are the chances? Something new that’s not retro, that’s fucking brilliant. Fat beat, rhymes by turns filthy and hilarious and a hook that’s catchier than Ebola. A whole LP of tings like this and FB’s might actually acquire a real seven figure swagger. On the other hand a couple of good tracks and loads of filler might suffice equally well – given that a significant proportion of the public are the sorts of indiscriminate cunts who don’t just give a platform to ‘acts’ like Mr Whippy-haired super-toddlers ‘Jedward’ by watching X-Factor but actively encourage them by spunking loads of money on phone votes.
(Out now on Dented).

Listen to Foreign Beggars – Seven Figure Swagger

Foreign Beggars – Myspace


FOREIGN BEGGARS: ‘Seven Figure Swagger’ release details + United Colours Of Beggatron promo pics

FB’s make the right choice for their next single picking the ‘other’ banger off new LP United Colours Of Beggatron. I challenge anyone to listen to Seven Figure Swagger and not walk around for the rest of the day chanting the chorus in the faces of anyone who will listen and especially those who won’t. Seven Figure Swagger b/w Don’t Dhoow It is released via Dented Records / Essential Music on November 23rd – review to follow. In the meantime, check the press release below for more details and the following pics to see the (frankly worrying) results when you let the Beggars loose on Photoshop with Bennetton’s back catalogue of adverts as source material.

(PRESS RELEASE) Behold the second installation from Beggattron! Foreign Beggars are back with more disgusting sub-bass, thumping electronic beats and entertaining raps enlisting further heat from the continent. 10 Kilo beats and half of Milk Money Mafia electro outfit Rednaz from Groningen kills it on the lead track “Seven Figure Swagger” featuring Lava Unit head honcho and member of Terror Danjah’s Aftershock Label Badness alongside the Richest man in Babylon/ Watford Dubbledge. The track explores the more satirical boundaries of rap clichés with a super addictive hook and even tighter verses. As if that wasn’t enough for your eardrums, it is accompanied with an equally balls out dubstep ripper courtesy of none other than UK tearout kings Bar9. Tried and tested, this shit bangs like a daytrip to a combat zone!

Don’t Dhoow It is a more lo-fi cruising joint though still on the fun flex. Sean Peng and Metropolis tell of interesting experiences in the manner of a public service announcement of how not to behave at the best of times. Produced by Norwegian beat monster King Knut, the track remains in the vein of pure sub-bass, screwed vocals, scratchy synths and sludgy electronic beats whilst still able to include some wonky synthetic loveliness so many producers are weakly trying to emulate.

This track comes with one of our favourite pieces of Beggars music in a minute. Superproduction from none other than New York’s Machinedrum. Honestly, this is hip hop like you’ve never heard, pushing the boundaries of rap, electronica, beats and production, on some 4×4, disco pastiche/modern day dance production with real analogue warmth and super progressive vocal treatments. A pleasure to sit back and lounge to or pump in a club, Machinedrum’s remix is on some otherworldy musical evolution – a sneak preview into what’s to come from FBs in 2010.
Foreign Beggars – Myspace

FOREIGN BEGGARS: United Colours Of Beggattron – 2009 – Album review

Rating: ★★★☆☆

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this autumn has had a mad crazy release schedule as labels everywhere make up for the fact that they could barely be arsed to release anything in the spring. As a consequence, review turnaround times have been shorter than an old-schooler’s come back. Given that the UK hip-hop underground’s ‘most-likely-to’ (that’ll be the FBs) have new album United Colours Of Beggattron out on Monday that left only one option. That’s right – it’s time for a ‘byron’. You must know the drill…

Upbeat intro – topical – bit of Obama – yeah, I’m feeling this…

MOVE HIGHER (Audra Nishita)
Sounds like the slow intro-bit to a mid-nineties Goldie/ Metalheadz track. All the way through. With rapping on. Apparently FBs have been around for ages but haven’t got the recognition they deserve. A fresh topic you’ll agree.

KEEP IT COMIN’ (feat. Jehst, Kyza & Dr Syntax)
This one’s ok – bit of scratchin’ and Kidulthoodie ‘ya brer’s beeyatch gat a rass claat’ rhymes. Plus a lame male vocal rnb hook.

BREAK FREE (feat. Audra & Kai Nishita)
The third track with a positive mental attitude title, yet another rnb hook and a kick drum I can barely hear. I went to switch the kettle on during this one.

DON’T DHOOW IT (Feat. King Knut)
Sounds like a Cool Kids beat but Foreign Beggars rapping – first one that makes my ears perk up. Mainly because it reminded me of Cool Kids.

The promo cd sleeve tells you this one’s a skit in case it’s playing and you’re deaf. Inexplicably imagines a vaguely Asian sounding hospital radio DJ announcing a performance by Foreign Beggars. I’ve had funnier colds.

SEVEN FIGURE SWAGGER (Feat. Dubbledge, Badness & Rednaz)
A chorus that won’t leave your head all day, this is P.R.O.P.E.R.

CONTACT (feat. Noisia)
…as is this. Deserves to be as big as Root’s Witness. Huge beat by Dutch dnb heads Noisia. Some twat on a site called monkeyboxing only gave the single 3.5 out of 5.

SHAKE IT (feat. Noisia)
The one where the boys get a bit ‘naughty’. Contains cerebral rhymes like, “Love to take you out on a date if I could/ Maybe let me give you a taste of my wood.” On reflection, makes me think of filthy bumping and grinding so not that bad.

The synth-keyboards one.

This one’s a skit too. Well – more of a 30 second beat really.

ASYLUM BOUND (feat. Ben Sharpa)
Starts with a voice like that Asian Fonejacker character who works for an ‘internet service providings’ call centre. But set in an asylum. About going mad or something. Probably sounds better if you’ve been at the green.

BIG N’BLACK (Phat Kat)
Starts off with a Chicago sample making you think it’s about to turn into a M.O.P. style banger. Then goes a bit tinny – probably so it sounds good on the kids’ mobile phone speakers. Not the best beat for Phat Kat’s 50 second phoned-in rhyme – he sounded much better on DJ Design’s last LP…

PROVE IT (Guilty Simpson)
…as did Guilty Simpson funnily enough. How’m I supposed to get amped off something that permanently sounds like it’s going to kick off but never does?

Scratching at the start wakes you up but it turns out it’s a skit.

NO MORE (Kashmere, Jehst & DJ 2Tall)
Arguably the best lyrics on the LP but sounds like it was made during a mad ketamine binge at the Dented studios. Could have done with being a bit faster and having more bass.

KEEPING THE LINE FAT (feat. Graziella)
Mid-nineties female garage vocal hook, a beat that sounds like late-era disco ramming grime at the lights and FBs rock up about a third of the way through. The sound of arriving at some sort of ‘Grime-fest’ in Michael Knight’s K.I.T. In a good way.

NO HOLDS BARRED (feat. Devlin, Noisia & DJ 2Tall)
Noisia again. Not unlike a digital earthquake.

Instrumental. Sounds like a last track. Mind you, so do quite a lot on this.

COMMENTS: Props to the FBs for attempting to craft an album that aims to maintain underground credibility while giving the pop charts a sly grope but United Colours of Beggattron basically revolves around a three track centrepiece with satellites of largely decreasing interest either side, despite a slew of heavyweight UK and US guests. As an LP this has the same sense of anti-climax that I got from Roots’ Run Come Save Me where nothing else on the LP approached the magnitude of Witness. Still, good enough singles potential to merk the competition and in any case how many whole albums do you listen to on a regular basis these days anyway? Tasteful cover too.

Listen to Foreign Beggars – United Colours of Beggatron

Foreign Beggars – Myspace


FOREIGN BEGGARS: ‘Contact’ video

More dutty-ness, this time from the dirty south in the shape of the video for recent Foreign Beggars/ Noisia collabo single. And you know what? As I predicted in my own review of this the other week, it’s still improving with every listen. Quite possibly the most convincing bid for homegrown-UK hiphop crossover success since Roots Manuva’s Witness this not only detonates with a shockwave so massive the competition is largely vaporised but also demonstrates that you can keep your credibility’s virginity intact and still have a hit – which this must surely be. The total opposite of Dizzee, Tinchy and Chipmunk who it makes look like a trio of bumfluff-sporting, chancers. Oh. Hang on…
Foreign Beggars – Myspace

FOREIGN BEGGARS & NOISIA – 2009 – Single review

Rating: ★★★½☆

FOREIGN BEGGARS: (On the phone to Dutch DnB boys Noisia) Got that beat for us yet?
NOISIA: (Excitedly) Sure. We have crazy beats for you right now! You know when you change your printer’s ink cartridge and you lift up the lid and it grinds out for you to catch it before it disappears again?
FB’s: (Warily) Ye-eahh?
NOISIA: (Ridiculously pleased with themselves) We sampled that sound but make it a million times heavier!
Ok, maybe it didn’t happen quite like that but on hearing this I do wonder where else Noisia could have lifted inspiration for beats – the office photocopier doing a big double-sided run with staples perhaps or the sound of your laptop burning a cd. And yet the ‘Beggars bigging themselves up over this grime-y industrial strength rhythm keeps growing on me. At first I didn’t like it at all, today I like it…hell – tomorrow I could be saying stuff like ‘it’s the biggest thing in UK hip-hop since Roots Manuva’s Witness.’ Maybe it’s a bit like when your beer-goggles kick into action – in which analogy this track would be the object of your growing affections. The only problem with that is that I haven’t ‘drunk’ any ‘beer’. Maybe it’s because my senses have just been bludgeoned into submission. Comes with Shake It which finds the boys having a cheeky perv over chicks and a dnb mix of Contact too, if you’ve got the energy.

Listen to Foreign Beggars – Contact

Foreign Beggars – Myspace


FOREIGN BEGGARS: UK tour announced

Foreign Beggars – they’re everywhere aren’t they?

(PRESS RELEASE) Foreign Beggars have announced a UK tour to showcase the ridiculously big tracks from their upcoming album “United Colours Of Beggattron”, which is released on October 19th through Dented Records/Essential Music.
The tour will kick off in Plymouth before hitting London’s superclub Fabric, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary, on October 9th for the launch party for the album which promises to spin heads, move feet and wind backsides. The group will then head across the country touring the new album throughout October and November before culminating with a show in Derby on December 4th.
Having made their name through high-paced delivery and non-stop action in their live shows, the Foreign Beggars juggernaut is one not to miss. The tour dates are below and provide the perfect chance to see just why the Foreign Beggars are one of the best live acts around.
29th – White Rabbit, Plymouth
7th – Mojo, Newport
9th – Fabric, London – ALBUM LAUNCH PARTY
15th – Digital 4 Vagabonds, Brighton
16th – Cox’s Yard, Stratford on Avon
16th – O2 Academy, Oxford
21st – Rainbow Warehouse, Birmingham
23rd – Supa Fly, Leicester
31st – Leeds Urban Festival at Beaver Works, Leeds
10th – Tuesday Club, Sheffield
13th – Thekla, Bristol
27th – Po Na Na, Norwich
28th – Student Union, Cardiff
4th – The Rock House, Derby

Read review of new single Contact HERE

Foreign Beggars – Myspace


FOREIGN BEGGARS: New single ‘Contact’ + Studio video blog

The band with the best Daily Mail-reader-baiting name ever are back with new single Contact (b/w Shake It) in October and they’ve released a video blog to show y’all how it’s done with regard to laying down a track – see below links…
(PRESS RELEASE) Diggety Damn! The Foreign Beggars back at it with their sizzling hot new single ‘Contact’ b/w ‘Shake It’ dropping this October 5th. Taken from the forthcoming album ‘United Colours of Beggattron’ this smash of a single shows a clear progression in the Beggars direction, heading toward total domination of the dance genre in a serious fashion.
‘Contact’ sees the crew link up with Dutch D’n’B stalwarts Noisia for some seriously bass heavy, tweeter blowing mayhem! Widely tipped to ‘got next’ in the same line as production outfits Pendulum and Chase’n’Status, Noisia’s production on this single can only be described as monstrous, their trademark growling basslines and industrial strength drum programming providing the futuristic soundscape for the Beggars to throw down some serious swagger on the vocal front. A match made in Mordor!! And with a horrendously filthy D’n’B remix to boot, you can expect this to ring in your ears days after you hear it murkalising on a club system. URGHT!
The flipsides ‘Shake It’ picks up where their previous dancefloor hit ‘Gash’ left off… on a griiiiizzzzzzle. Metropolis and Orifice Vulgatron aka Sean Peng trade sordid verses over a heavily swung Noisia production with more bounce to the ounce than Zapp and Roger on steroids. Humourous, witty and ever tongue-in-cheek, the Beggars give you an insight to whaa gwaan in the love lounge! It aims to make you do just what it says on the label!
As the guys say, “We got a whole lot of hype, a whole lot of stripes” – and it’s clear to see why. Let the single take you up to the top of the rollercoaster and then hit the album for the full on loop-the-loop! It’s about to go down, so make sure you’re part of the spectrum of the United Colours Of Beggattron!
Foreign Beggars – Myspace

FOREIGN BEGGARS/ SCRATCH PERVERTS: Neurosonics Audiomedical Video

Crazy bastards. Chek:

(PRESS RELEASE) Foreign Beggars have geared up for the release of their new album “United Colours Of Beggattron” on October 19th by heading over to the Neurosonics Audiomedical Laboratory to showcase some of the most amazing special effects you’ll ever see.
The Neurosonics Audiomedical Laboratory is described as the “Kingdom of the unreal but also a higher state of being, ultimately free of the limitations of the material world through the agency of science, technology, and imagination.”
Director Chris Cairns teamed up with the UK’s most progressive; Foreign Beggars, Scratch Perverts, Shlomo, Stig Of The Dump and Dr. Syntax to bring you this groundbreaking piece of multimedia artistry. Sound, Vision, Skills, Art Direction, Special Effects and Impeccable editing all come into play create something so special there’s no way you can only watch it once! Behold the greatest breakthrough in Audiomedical Neurosonics.


Scratch Perverts – Myspace