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KOMLA MC vs FOLD: Victoria Falls

KOMLA MC vs FOLD: Victoria FallsVictoria Falls? Ouch – that must hurt a lot. Oh you were serious!  Sorry – Dr Livingstone, then, I presume? No? Ah, well if it’s not Rumpelstiltskin, it must be Komla MC vs. Fold. Of course it is. Phew – we got there in the end. And so it is that expats Komla MC (latterly of Accra in Ghana) and Mr Seth Moshowitz of Fold (latterly of NYC) hook-up for a track that doesn’t obviously celebrate a

FOLD feat. MR GEE: Aphelion

Another cut to fall foul of the MB summer holiday chaos has been this effort from Leeds band, Fold, dropping a fortnight or so ago, hot on the heels of previous single Insurgent Mood. This time around it’s downtempo hip-hop number, Aphelion, featuring MC and poet Mr Gee on the mic and a searing critique of racial inequality. Gee’s lyrics pointedly include a pop at bandwagon-jumping